Lord Captain Perkin One-Eye was the son of Chancellor Perkin and the father of Perkinson. He was the best friend and counselor of King Jupiter, and fought alongside him in his many battles, including the Red Valley War.


The Green Ember

Perkin One-Eye is mentioned by both Whittle Longtreader and Lord Rake in their accounts of King Jupiter's reign to Heather and Picket Longtreader. Rake also notes his relationship to Chancellor Perkin. Frye later comments to the two youngsters that he witnessed Perkin in action against Dell Beck's eagles.

Ember Falls

Perkin's son, Perkinson, becomes a member of the Fowlers, an elite unit commanded by Perkin's fellow Lord Captain Helmer. When Picket and Perkison are discussing new member Coleden Blackstar, Perkin-and his tragic fate-are inadvertently brought up. Perkinson notes that his name brings a weight with it, but he is determined to retain it. When the Terralains betray the Cause with Perkinson's aid, Heather declares that Perkinson's action would have brought him shame in his father's eyes.

Ember's End

In a discussion about the Lord Captains, Perkin is mentioned, and it is noted that he perished after King Jupiter's death.


  • The name "Perkin" is of English origin and is derived from the Greek name "Peter," which means "stone."[1]


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