Pacer is a buck who worked for Lord Rake as a lieutenant of the Forest Guard of Cloud Mountain.


The Green Ember

Cloud Mountain

Pacer spots Picket, Heather, Smalls and Wilfred at the entrance to the Savory Den. He does not accept their password and waits for approval from Lord Rake.

Ember Rising

While in an argument with Kylen, Emma learns that Pacer had been informing Kyle that Heather Longtreader and Picket Longtreader were working for Morbin Blackhawk. Emma is visibly stunned to hear of Pacer's traitorous words.

Physical appearance

Pacer is a long, lean, brown rabbit with weary eyes and a quiet, hard voice.


  • The name "Pacer" is of English origin and means "of Pacy, France."[1]


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