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Owen is a soldier of Halfwind Citadel, and a member of the Bracers.


The Last Archer

Owen is partnered with Jo Shanks during swordsmanship training. He's not particularly fond of Jo when they meet, but they fall into a slow friendship.

Owen has been with the Bracers for two months or so when, during a break, he and Jo fall into a conversation about Nate Flynn, then witness an angry conversation between Captain Frye and  Wilfred Longtreader. Thinking Wilfred a traitor, they find themselves pointing their swords at his neck, ready to attack him.

That night, Owen and the other Bracers keep lookout. During that time they go into an attack against some wolves. Shortly after, Owen helps the other Bracers kill attacking wolves. During the attack, Owen is wounded badly, but seems to recover quickly.

The First Fowler

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Physical appearance

Owen is a white-furred rabbit with red eyes.

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