I am glad to see you, Queen. It looks like our comrades may have...misplaced you. Orban will remain with you until we come back.

Orban was a sailor under Captain Grimble of Desolation. He took part in the Grimbles' plan to abandon King Whitson Mariner and his supporters to an island of dragons.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

When Captain Grimble's sailors discovered a group of blastpowder barrels aboard the supposedly abandoned Steadfast, many of them abandoned ship, Orban among them. They swam to shore.

The barrels, however, were revealed to be a hoax, and Commander Usher resolved to lead the crew back into the fight upon Steadfast. When Queen Lillie ordered them to surrender, Usher merely laughed and instructed Orban to stay with the queen until they returned. Luckily, more of Lillie's allies arrived, and Orban and the others were forced to remain on shore.

Physical appearance

Orban was described as "burly."

Personality and traits

Though little of Orban's personality was known, he appeared to be cocky and somewhat boorish. He often smirked and walked with a swagger.

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