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Convene my war council! I will accept no more excuses. This rabble must be routed!
— Morbin Blackhawk to Shelt, Ember Falls

Morbin Blackhawk is the king and leader of the Lords of Prey.


For as long as the rabbits of Natalia could remember, Morbin and his Birds of Prey had struck fear into their hearts, and they had almost always been in danger of being carried away to his lair in the High Bleaks of Natalia.

Prior to the events of The Green Ember, Morbin killed King Jupiter at Jupiter's Crossing, after which point of time the rabbit-kingdom of King Jupiter fell into decay. Some warrens were taken by Morbin, while others remained under the rule of Winslow and The First Warren. Morbin and his Birds of Prey would often attack the remnant of the rabbit-kingdom so as to instill fear and terror in their hearts.

Until the Attack on Cloud Mountain, those attacks had been mostly skirmishes of little consequence; initiated to bring slaves to his home in the High Bleaks.

Physical appearance

He is large, wide-winged and angular of features. His inky black feathers gave way to a golden yellow around his face. His beak is long and sharp and awful. His breastplate bore his sign: a sharp "M" with golden stars at its base. His weapon is a long black sickle rimmed in crimson.