Captain Moonlight is a former soldier of King Jupiter's army who became a leader in The Resistance following Jupiter's death. Though the title was never applied to him, he essentially acted as a citadel lord for the Citadel of Dreams.


Early life

Captain Moonlight was born and raised in First Warren, where his family owned and operated an inn. The jovial atmosphere proved quite formative to the young Moonlight, who later joined the army. Like the majority of the soldiers, he was lured away from King Jupiter by the machinations of Garten Longtreader. However, he managed to make his way back into First Warren before it was locked down, and soon formed a resistance movement.

Despite gaining some allies, like Prince Whitby Joveson, Moonlight's force suffered setbacks in their conflict with Morbin Blackhawk's forces, including Daggler and his Black Band. Moonlight swore to slay Daggler, but in their handful of engagements was always defeated. The losses suffered by the resistance and the reprisals visited upon First Warren for their efforts also greatly hampered Moonlight's efforts.

However, Moonlight drew inspiration from his family inn and from the Stone Book of Fay to create the Citadel of Dreams. Taking over the partially destroyed warrens built in the times of King Whitson Mariner, he and his forces converted it into an underground gathering place. Using disguises, they would sneak out and abduct citizens of First Warren in order to bring them to the citadel, so that they could experience what made fighting Morbin's regime worthwhile.

Ember Rising

Captain Moonlight snatched Picket and Louise and led them to the Citadel of Dreams. He then helped them rescue Helmer and Airen. He had a major role in planning the Retaking of First Warren, and led his forces during the battle. In another engagement with Daggler he was badly defeated, and only saved from instant death by the intervention of Picket and Cole.

Physical appearance

Captain Moonlight is a large, somewhat robust rabbit with dark fur and a ridge of pale fur around his cheeks. He wears a simple tunic topped with a jacket, puffy pants, and a long cape. He also carries a sword at his hip.

Personality and traits

Captain Moonlight is known for being friendly and chipper, with a playful streak. Despite his merry demeanor, he is a skilled leader and fighter, and will step up to any task with a ready spirit.


  • The name "Moonlight" is of English origin.[1]


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