Mitchell is a male rabbit soldier of Halfwind Citadel.


Ember Falls

Mitchell was among the soldiers who was caught in the attack on Halfwind Citadel, in which the rabbits were set upon by Morbin Blackhawk's wolves. One of his feet was injured during the battle, but he was among those saved by the arrival of Bleston and his army from Terralain. Mitchell later went to Halfwind's hospital, only to have his uninjured foot struck by Jone Wissel's cane. She apologized, and Heather Longtreader offered to examine it, but an irate Helmer-who was also present-intimidated Mitchell into going about his business.

Mitchell later took part in the Battle of Rockback Valley, serving as part of the advance guard who met the wolves at Jupiter's Crossing. During the retreat to Rockback Valley, he cried out in a panic, but Helmer encouraged him to keep running so that they could rendezvous with the rest of their force.


  • The name Mitchell is of English origin, derived from the name Michael or the word michel; the latter means "big" or "large".[1]


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