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I am your servant, Highness, and I am delighted that you have liberated our city at last. I wasn't sure I would see the day.
— Missy Dreft to Emma Joveson, Ember's End, pg. 161

Missy Dreft was a doe apothecary living in First Warren whom Emma consulted regarding True Blue.


Ember's End

Why, my dear girl, True Blue is our long-lost source of understanding and ascension. Your Royal Highness, True Blue is Firstflower. It is our path of life.
— Missy Dreft to Emma Joveson, Ember's End, pg. 161

Mrs. Weaver, Jo, Prester Kell, and Picket Longtreader all accompany Emma to visit Missy Dreft in her home in Old Town, as Emma desires to inquire about True Blue.

Dreft, on her deathbed, recounts the tale of the Firstflower to them all, informing them of its discovery by Flint and Fay on the Blue Moss Hills and of its remarkable healing properties and ability to give the consumer long life. After accounting these details, she dies silently, and is left with Prester Kell.

Physical appearance

Missy Dreft was described as "ancient," and had a worn face. She was blind, and as such her pupils were milky-white. She spoke in a wheezing voice.

Personality and traits

Bless you, Highness. May you rise and reign.
— Missy Dreft to Emma Joveson, Ember's End, pg. 160

Missy Dreft, though very old, was extremely wise in medicinal remedies and in the history of Natalia. She held a great respect for the monarchy and was willing to help them in any way she could, despite being on her deathbed.

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