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Harmony: She was foolish, I know. But she loved the cause and was very brave.

Whittle Longtreader: I'm very sorry about Melody, dear. She was indeed a sweet, brave doe.

Whittle Longtreader and Harmony[src]

Melody was a young doe who worked as a slave for Morbin Blackhawk. She was killed by her captor after speaking out against him.


Ember Falls

In a conversation with Gritch, Melody claims to be betrothed to a buck whom she doesn't name. During one of Morbin Blackhawk's councils, she attacks Morbin while shouting about the Green Ember. Morbin swiftly kills her himself.

Ember Rising

While at causer council meeting, Melody is mentioned briefly by Whittle Longtreader when he and Heather first meet Harmony, Melody's sister. Whittle reveals to Heather that she purposely took a job in Morbin's lair in an effort to discover more about the killing of younglings for Morbin's feasts.

Physical appearance

Melody was described as being younger than Sween Longtreader.

Personality and traits

Melody was brave, if somewhat foolish, and she believed strongly in speaking out for a cause she supported.


  • The name "Melody" is of English origin and means "song."[1]
  • S. D. Smith has noted Melody as a particularly painful death for one of his characters, and feels that this led to the creation of her sister Harmony.[2]


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