I LOVE this album so much – my kids do too – and we’re really excited about it. I have been a long-time fan of Joel’s music and it’s such an honor to hear his wonderful soundscape for The Green Ember.
S. D. Smith on Melodies for The Mended Wood: Volume One[2]

Melodies for The Mended Wood: Volume One is a musical soundtrack inspired by The Green Ember series. It is composed by Joel Clarkson.

Official descriptionEdit

"Joel Clarkson is the popular narrator for The Green Ember Series, but is also a composer, arranger, and conductor with ten albums to his credit. Clarkson has produced a collection of beautiful compositions that act as a soundscape for The Green Ember. Great for the three Rs—Reading, Resting, and Relaxing—your family will enjoy this excellent companion to the beloved best-seller.

Put the kids to bed with this vibrant, but subtle, soundscape, sending them to their dreams with minds lit by imaginative scenes and epic encounters.


Track listingEdit

  1. Heather and Picket Catch a Star
  2. Jupiter the Great
  3. The Savory Den
  4. Cloud Mountain
  5. What Maggie Weaver Sees
  6. Lighthall
  7. The Mended Wood
  8. The Hero of Jupiter's Crossing
  9. Bear the Flame
  10. The Mended Wood Reprised


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