Lund is a soldier of Halfwind Citadel. He was a close friend of Jo Shanks.


The Last Archer

Lund greeted Jo when he arrived at Leaper's Hall for an assembly of the soldiers, the two discussing Jo's efforts to win the archery cup and the upcoming Citadel Congress at Cloud Mountain.

Lund later came to fetch Jo so he could participate in the cup, encouraging him before taking his place with the spectators. After the cup, Lund informed him that their unit would not be attending the congress, and that the two of them had guard duty that midnight. However, Jo was recruited as a temporary addition to the Bracers, while Lund was left behind.

Personality and traits

Lund was a good friend to Jo Shanks, though he was not above teasing Jo about his seriousness, height, or love life. Despite feeling that Jo could not defeat Nate Flynn in the archery cup, he still encouraged Jo to compete. He seems to have had a low opinion of Sister Lala, one of the votaries of Halfwind.

Like many members of the Resistance, he also mistrusted members of the Longtreader family and their friends due to the treason of Garten Longtreader.


  • The name "Lund" is of Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian origin, indicating someone who lived near trees. It means "grove."[1]

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