Lord Rake was the leader of Cloud Mountain. Although he had no biological children, he does have an adopted daughter, Emma.


The Green EmberEdit

Cloud MountainEdit

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Citadel CongressEdit

Prior to the congress, Lord Rake and Helmer defend Wilfred, Heather and Picket from the demands of other citadels to put them on trial for treason. He gives the initial speech of the congress to unite the citadels and introduces Maggie.

Attack on Cloud MountainEdit

After the wolves are repelled, Lord Rake leads the vanguard in pursuing the fleeing wolves.

Ember FallsEdit

Attack on Cloud MountainEdit

Lord Rake is captured on the plateau above Cloud Mountain by the Terralain forces led by Bleston and Garten Longtreader.

When Emma, Heather Longtreader, and others suddenly emerge from the narrow entrance to the plateau, the Terralain forces were commanded to kill Emma, who was now revealed to be the heir of King Jupiter (ever since Smalls presumed death).

A Terralain archer aimed for her heart, but Lord Rake jumped in its way, so that he died in Emma's stead.

Physical appearanceEdit

Lord Rake was an tall, old rabbit with grey and white fur. He had an elegant bearing and was well dressed. He wore a gold chain with a bright pendant, a long sword with an elaborate silver hilt, a grey cape over a white tunic with a simple crest featuring two diamonds, the left red and the right green.