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Maggie Weaver: I would like to put our old seven against the Preylords' six raptor kings. That would help even the odds.

Helmer: A little. But the least is all that remains of the seven. And I am old.

Ember's End, p. 148

Lord Captain is a rank assigned to the seven highest ranking officers in the army of the rabbits of Natalia during the reign of Jupiter Goodson. Depending on the present ruler of Natalia or heir to the throne, such a captain's full title is Lord Captain of the King's/Queen's Army or Lord Captain of the His/Her Majesty's Army.


The Green Ember

Several of the Lord Captains of King Jupiter are referred to by name, though not by their rank. Victor Blackstar later addresses Helmer by his title after Picket Longtreader's rescue of Prince Smalden Joveson. Helmer, for his part, seems to disdain the use of his title by others, including Picket.

The First Fowler

Jo Shanks, upon attending a council regarding a mission to get Prince Smalls to Halfwind Citadel, recognizes Helmer as Lord Captain. When addressed as Lord Captain by Frye, Helmer tells him not to add the "lord" part of his title. However, when Helmer divides their advance team for a distraction mission, he asserts his rank over Frye.

Ember Falls

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Ember Rising

In his position as Lord Captain, Helmer delivers Emma's ultimatum to Winslow Joveson just before the Battle for First Warren.

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Ember's End

Helmer and his fellow Lord Captains are discussed, with Emma and Picket learning that the other captains either disappeared on an expedition with Harlan Seer or were killed during the afterterrors. Maggie Weaver notes that two of the captains headed the Apothecaries Guild, while Lady Glen informs Picket that Helmer was commander of the elite unit known as the King's Arm. As Lord Captain, Helmer commands Emma's forces during the Siege of First Warren.

Former Lord Captains

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