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The Longtreader home in Nick Hollow was a rabbit dwelling in a large elm tree in Nick Hollow, between the East Wood and West Wood.


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Heather and Picket were playing a game of Starseek when the wind picked up and blew their "star" into a dead maple tree. Heather gave Picket a boost, and he reached for the star, but fell and fainted when a lightning bolt struck the maple tree.

Heather started running towards their elm-tree home across the field from the maple tree, to get help from her father.

Her father grabbed Picket and they all went inside their tree-home. There, Whittle Longtreader decides to recount for the first time the tale of the "Rise and Fall of Jupiter the Great" to his children. He does not finish the story, however, and their mother quickly rushes them off to bed as it was getting late.

Heather and Picket sleep cozily for the night, and when they awaken, they start down the stairs to find that their mother and father were talking to a strange doe they had never seen before. She introduced herself as "Lady Glen" which was a name that seemed to be fitting as she was rather elegant and serious, although a smile played at the corners of her mouth as she spoke to them.

After breakfast, Heather and Picket are sent by their parents to pick blackberries at Gladeberry. On their way there, however, they hear a scream coming from Mr. Elric's farm, and they start running back towards their home in a fright. When they reach the eaves of the West Wood, they could do nothing but gape in horror as their elm-tree home was burned down as a group of wolves surrounded it.


The home was a cozy place of at least two floors, the first containing the kitchen, fireplace, and living room, while the second was comprised of Picket and Heather Longtreader's bedrooms.

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