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We are here and alive,

Let us make a life for ourselves,
Among our own kind,
And end our rebellion,
Against destiny.
Peace and prosperity forever!

— The Longtreader Command's creed, Ember Rising

The Longtreader Command is an organization established by Garten Longtreader to oversee the rabbit inhabitants of Akolan. The group's members are derisively referred to as Wrongtreaders by the Resistance.


Backstory Edit

The Longtreader Command was first created by Garten Longtreader presumably with Morbin Blackhawk's consent. The Longtreader Command acted as "peace officers" for Morbin, harrying out those causers that sought to give trouble to their slavers and keeping the whole rabbit population of Akolan in line. Because of this, Morbin removed the raptor sentinels that had presumably once watched over the city to ensure Morbin's peace, leaving the rabbits at the Longtreader Command in virtual control of Akolan, but always under his watchful eye and control of Morbin, to which the Longtreaders loyally submitted.

Whatever order Morbin Blackhawk would hand down to them they would obey without question, even if it meant persecuting and doing cruelty to their fellow rabbits.

Ember RisingEdit

While in the Akolan jail in the Sixth District, Heather Longtreader learned of the Longtreader Command from Hadley after arriving in Akolan and being captured by some Longtreader officers. He told her of the cruelty of the officers Vitton and Long, and of how it was rumored that The Commandant was Garten's own brother.

Not long afterwards, Longtreader guards came for her, and brought her to the Commandant, who told her of the "peace and prosperity" under which they lived, and how the Longtreader Command's duty was to keep that "peace" for Morbin by keeping all others solely obedient to his will.

When Heather finds her parents, Whittle and Sween Longtreader, living in the Fourth District of Akolan, she learns more from them about the Longtreader Command, of how they had given up being "outwallers" to live a life of relative ease in Sixth District, where they felt less like slaves, although they were even more so.

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