Len is a teacher at a school in Akolan. Like all other teachers of the schools of Akolan, Len taught Morbin's propaganda to her slave students in order to indoctrinate a generation of rabbits who followed him loyally.



Little is known about Len other than she is a teacher at a school for young rabbits in Akolan.

Ember Rising

Morbin Blackhawk had appointed that upon the dawn of Victory Day, her brother and other younglings in the slave city of Akolan would be first fattened with special food, and then taken from their homes to be eaten by Morbin and his Lords of Prey on Victory Day.

Heather Longtreader, who discovered that Jacks had been chosen for this program just the day before, is caught glaring at the fattening food provided by Morbin's officials by her brother, Jacket, who questions her expression. Thinking fast, Heather lies that she is jealous of all the delicious food that Jacks gets to eat in preparation for his "adventure." Jacks sagely replies that his teacher, Len, had warned him of this, but said that he was to strictly keep the food to himself.


  • The name "Len" is a diminutive of "Leonard," which means "brave lion."[1]


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