Layra was the daughter of Airen and Snoden, and the twin sister of Louise.


Early life

Louise was born to Airen and her husband Snoden in First Warren, and never knew her uncle Helmer. Sadly, her father was later killed after the murder of King Jupiter. Layra was later taken from her mother and sister by the Black Band, and killed by Daggler himself. Her fate was later disclosed to her mother, and the incident left Airen broken with grief.

Ember Rising

Louise would grieve for Layra, expressing a longing for her to Picket Longtreader after the Retaking of First Warren.

Family tree

- Helmer's Family Tree -
Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Brindle Cove
Unnamed wife
Unnamed ancestors
(including Helmer's great-grandfather and father)
Wilfred Longtreader
Snoden (deceased)
Picket Longtreader
15 unnamed adopted children
Jo Longtreader
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.


  • The name "Layra" is of Portuguese origin.[1]


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