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Kingston was a rabbit settlement built by Lord Fleck Blackstar and King Whitson Mariner. It was founded upon the shores of Ayman Lake, at the very spot that Fleck Blackstar and his expedition dug a coal mine in order to obtain fuel for the rabbits of Seddleton for the approaching winter.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Massie Burnson privately recalls the events of the Battle of Ayman Lake and how Fleck Blackstar had risked his life to save King Whitson Mariner. It is revealed that Fleck had stayed behind at Kingston to continue overseeing mining operations as well as preparing for future raptor attacks.

The Archer's Cup

Grare mentions Warren Fortress to Jo Shanks, having named his own hideaway in honor of Fleck Blackstar's legendary stronghold. He is somewhat embarrassed to admit it given the presence of Cole Blackstar.


Kingston Citadel

Kingston Citadel is a secret citadel located in Kingston. It has long been ruled over by the Blackstar family, beginning with Fleck Blackstar. Despite its nearness to the High Bleaks, it is among the most fortified secret citadels, often receiving evacuees from other citadels such as Halfwind and Harbone Citadel. The emblem of Kingston Citadel is a shield split in two; the left side features a large green diamond surrounded by a circle of nine smaller red diamonds, while the right side shows a single black star.

Warren Fortress

Warren Fortress was a fortification established by Fleck Blackstar at Kingston. It seems to have been destroyed, or perhaps retired in favor of Kingston Citadel, by the time of Emma Joveson’s reign. Grare later names his own hideaway after Warren Fortress.

Physical attributes

Kingston lies in the southern foothills of the Low Bleaks; southeast of Halfwind Citadel.


  • The name "Kingston" is of English origin and means "king's town."[1]