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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

My arm for the cause and crown.
My all for the cause and crown.
— The motto of the King's Arm, Ember's End, p. 328

The King's Arm was an elite combat unit led by Lord Captain Helmer during the reign of King Jupiter.


Ember's End

As disclosed to Picket Longtreader, the King's Arm were Helmer's beloved soldiers, and with him were sent on a pointless mission by Garten Longtreader. Sensing the ambassador's treachery, Helmer leads his bucks to Jupiter's Crossing, but they are captured. Garten has the members of the King's Arm put to death as Helmer watches, before chaining him by one arm to a tree. In a cruel mockery of the unit's oath, Garten gives Helmer the choice of removing that arm so he can fight and die at the side of King Jupiter, or do nothing and watch as the king dies.

Helmer chooses not to remove him arm, but is haunted the by the decision for the rest of his life, bearing a scar on the arm he feels he should have given up. After Helmer sacrifices himself in the War for All Natalia, Picket leads the Royal Fowlers Auxiliary into battle. In memory of their leader, they recite the oath of the King's Arm.

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