Kell was the prester of the votaries at Halfwind Citadel.


Ember Falls

Prester Kell is first mentioned when Jone Wissel is found with Heather by Lieutenant Kout, who declares that she had been stealing from the Prester's "vault" which apparently contained medicines, presumably among other things.

Prester Kell appears later during an assembly at Leaper's Hall, where he and Sage Kins speak to the rabbits of Halfwind Citadel, first leaping from each of the Seven Standing Stones as a sort of ceremony, and then reintroducing Bleston to Halfwind, singing a song of hope for The Cause.

Personality and traits

Little is known of Prester Kell's traits, but it is implied that he is a kind, forgiving rabbit, as he had overlooked Jone Wissel's stealing from his vault multiple times. He also seemed to be a dynamic and eloquent leader.


  • The surname "Kell" is of English origin and means "bright-headed."[1]


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