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Jupiter's Crossing, once known more simply as the Crossing, is an area of open ground between two stretches of woodland near Cloud Mountain.

For many years it was a dangerous place for rabbits, who would be attacked by the Lords of Prey while making their way from one stretch of woodland to another. However, the brave actions of King Jupiter and his armies eventually made the Crossing safe to use. Unfortunately, this success would lead to the Crossing being chosen for the site of Morbin Blackhawk's revenge on Jupiter.


Lured to the Crossing by Garten Longtreader with no guards or allies to protect him, King Jupiter was captured by the Lords of Prey. Also present were Wolves under Redeye Garlackson and corrupt Rabbits in Garten's employ. Morbin intended to hold Jupiter prisoner for some sinister purpose, but was goaded into anger by Jupiter's brave defiance and put him to death.

Luthe Glazier's depiction of the event, however, notes that the Crown of Flames worn by King Jupiter was bereft of the Green Ember, indicating that Jupiter had already given it to his chosen heir. This tragic event resulted in the location being renamed Jupiter's Crossing and taking on a sacred character in the eyes of the rabbits. Unfortunately, the Longtreader family's reputation was ruined by Garten's actions, and his brothers came to be seen as his co-conspirators.

Two loyal rabbits, Wilfred Longtreader and Lord Captain Helmer, were both captured and forced to watch the betrayal from separate points near the crossing. Wilfred, who had been in the king's company, was lured into an ambush and restrained so as to prevent his interference. Helmer, whose King's Arm band had attempted to intervene, was chained to a tree by his right arm. Having watched his bucks be killed, he was given the choice to cut off his arm and rush to his own death in Jupiter's defense, but chose to live so that he might one day bring justice to his enemies.

The Green Ember

Many years later, Kyle tricked Smalls into traveling to this area, where he nearly suffered the same fate as his father. However, the swift actions of Picket Longtreader prevented Jupiter's Crossing from becoming the scene of a second tragedy. Indeed, his actions there came to inspire the cause of the Heralds of the Mended Wood anew.

Jupiter's Crossing served as the ground of two more battles between the Rabbits loyal to King Jupiter's heir and enemy forces. The first was a prelude to the Battle of Rockback Valley, with the Rabbits briefly engaging a large force of Wolves before retreating.

Ember Rising

A second battle took place between two much smaller groups: a force under Picket Longtreader and Helmer against a force of Terralain rabbits led by Tameth Seer. The battle ended in victory for Picket's forces, though the Terralains were allowed to depart in peace.


  • The name Jupiter is of Latin origin, and means "sky father"; it was the name for the Roman king of the gods[1], associated with the Greek Zeus. The Roman Jupiter was also known as Jove, hence the surname "Joveson" as applied to the known sons of King Jupiter.



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