Junder is a male rabbit, a soldier of Halfwind Citadel, and a former member of the Bracers.


The Last Archer

Junder was part of the Bracers at the time of the Archer's Cup that preceded the Citadel Congress at Cloud Mountain.

Junder accompanied his teammates to Cloud Mountain. The group was later sent out on watch in the surrounding forest, and Junder was part of a squad that investigated when Jo Shanks spotted Kyle sneaking through the woods. The Bracers were set upon by a group of Wolves, one of whom attacked and badly mauled Junder. Jo drew an arrow in hopes of saving him, but feared that he would hit his teammate instead of the wolf. Nate Flynn managed to save Junder instead, though Junder ended up losing one of his arms.

Skills and abilities

As a Bracer, Junder was presumably a skilled archer, though not on a level with either Nate Flynn or Jo Shanks. He made up for this with his skill with a sword, which was such that Nate commented that Junder would still surpass Jo even after losing one of his arms.

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