Now see here. I ain't a sir, and I been right-handed all my life. Folk calls me Jimmi Docker.

Jimmi Docker was a rabbit who served as a docker under King Whitson Mariner.


Early life

Jimmi Docker presumably left Golden Coast and sailed with his community to the new land of Natalia.

The Black Star of Kingston

Fleck Blackstar encounters Jimmi while working at the docks. Jimmi declares an all-around break and then asks whether Fleck is left-handed. Upon affirmation, he mutters that folks say not to trust leftys. He then goes on to converse with Fleck about Fleck's father, working in the coal mines, barrel-whispering, and his past professions. He finally introduces himself, and upon declaring that his break is over, takes his leave of Fleck.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

On the decks of Steadfast, Massie Burnson wakes Jimmi Docker, who orders the others back to their posts. As Captain Grimble emerges on deck, Jimmi accidentally bumps into him, prompting Grimble to practically explode with rage.

Some time later, King Whitson Mariner is engaged in a fierce sword fight with Captain Grimble. Just as Grimble is gaining the upper hand, he finds himself surrounded by Whitson's supporters. Jimmi Docker brings an oar around into Grimble's face, successfully knocking the younger buck out cold.

Physical appearance

Jimmi Docker was a small, thin rabbit with dark fur and one ear that stuck up like a broken mast. He wore a pair of thick striped pants and a cap, and smoked a pipe frequently.

Personality and traits

A rather eccentric figure, Jimmi Docker was outspoken, blunt, and known to have "uncommon sense." He enjoyed conversing with others and often made strange, somewhat cryptic comments.


  • The name "Jimmi" is of English origin and is a diminutive of "James".[1]
    • Additionally, the surname "Docker" refers to Jimmi's occupation as a sailor.



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