Signal hoist at H.Q., Lord Captain.
— Jefwood to Helmer, Ember's End, pg. 259

Jefwood is a signal aide for the Royal Warrenguard.


Ember's End

While Helmer, Picket Longtreader, and Cole Blackstar, among others, are discussing what methods to use in the oncoming War for All Natalia, Jefwood informs Helmer that there is a signal hoist from H.Q.: "enemy sighted." Helmer thanks Jefwood and continues speaking. Jefwood interrupts him again, however, to tell them that the signal is being flashed repeatedly. Helmer questions whether Farns, a somewhat stupid signaler, has been replaced, and Jefwood confirms that he has. Helmer instructs Jefwood to signal H.Q. to send a flyer rather than continue to signal, and Jefwood proceeds to carry out the command.

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