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Heyward is a votary in Halfwind Citadel.


The Green EmberEdit

Heyward tended the hedges of the Village Green, fastidiously trimming them to perfection, and then some more.

Ember FallsEdit


Heyward helped build the Fowlers' training course but failed the skills testing to join.

Politicking in HalfwindEdit

Heather and Picket run into Hayward in a hall and discover that he has become a Votary and joined the order as an initiate after facing death on the battle field and seeing with how much confidence the votaries fought.

Attack on Cloud MountainEdit

Hayward was down in Rockback Valley working on the catapults. He also created the glider Picket uses to fly and fight the birds of prey.

Personality and traitsEdit

Heyward is a perfectionist, and he always found fault with the hedges entrusted to his care at Cloud Mountain; he would take his eye for detail to the extreme, so that he would seem silly, as he cared very much for the things that he had charge over--things other rabbits didn't care about; but he had a deep, feeling personality, and desired to do as much as he could for The Cause, to make a good difference in the world.