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Heyna Blackstar is the daughter of Victor Blackstar and the sister of Coleden.


Ember FallsEdit


Heyna is introduced in Ramnor's room as an old friend of Smalls'. Heather Longtreader immediately dislikes her.

Attack on HalfwindEdit

Heyna steps in front of Emma to protect her from an attacking wolf. Once Kylen and his group of soldiers defeat the wolves, Emma tends to Heyna's wounds.

Politicking in HalfwindEdit

Heyna is confined to the hospital and taken care of by Emma. Her face is scarred for life from the battle.

Ember RisingEdit

Cole mentions that Heyna is accompanying Emma into hiding.

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Physical appearanceEdit

Heyna is a strikingly beautiful coal-black doe whose fur seemed to shimmer. She looked to be a twin of Coleden. She is about the same age as Heather and Picket.

Family tree Edit

- The Blackstar Family -
Jon Blackstar
Unnamed wife
King Whitson Mariner
Queen Lillie
Fleck Blackstar
Unknown wife
Lady Lucian Blackstar
Lord Blackstar II
Unnamed descendants
Lady Blackstar
Lord Victor Blackstar
Coleden Blackstar
Heyna Blackstar