Tell them we died like heroes! ...Tell them that we did our duty! ...Tell them...that we were brave.
— Lord Hewson, to Emerson and Harmon, Ember Rising

Lord Hewson was the citadel lord of Harbone Citadel and member of The Resistance, who succeeded his father Lord Hews. He was the longtime friend of Lord Captain Helmer.


Early life

Hewson was born to a noble family in First Warren, and was at odds with the commoner Helmer in their early youth. However, after the two joined the army and fought alongside one another, their antagonism was replaced by a firm friendship. Hewson even suggested a prank that Helmer and his sister Airen later pulled on a group of sailors at a party. However, he did not take part himself due to attending the event with his future wife, Lynn.

After the founding of the Secret Citadels, Hewson eventually became lord of Harbone following the death of his father Lord Hews. He and Lynn had seven children, and named the youngest buck after Hewson's friend Helmer. Sadly, Lynn's health began to fail, while Hewson's time as lord saw a number of disastrous attempts to infiltrate the occupied First Warren.

Ember Rising

Helmer and Picket were sent by Emma, the heir of Jupiter, to enter the First Warren. They first stopped at Harbone Citadel, where Lord Hewson ruled, as it was the nearest Secret Citadel to the First Warren.

Lord Hewson welcomed them as emissaries from the legitimate heir of King Jupiter, and convened a council of the highest ranking officials to discuss and assist Helmer and Picket's expedition. After the council, Hewson led Helmer and Picket, Hewson and the former carrying on friendly conversation of old times at Harbone.

When the time came to assist Helmer and Picket in getting into First Warren, Hewson and his soldiers, along with Emerson and his Bowstrikers hid in the forest around the Black Gap, distracting the raptor sentinels perched along the perimeter of the wall by firing projectiles toward them, in order for Helmer and Picket's flight via Heyward's gliders to be unnoticed by the enemy.

After the initial volleys were fired, a great pack of the many wolves that prowled the Great Wood suddenly attacked Hewson and his company from behind. Hewson led the charge, and was slain.

Ember's End

Hewson is referenced by Picket Longtreader, who recalls how he was killed at the hands of a certain pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

Physical appearance

Lord Hewson was a buck with dark fur and a paler muzzle. He wore a tunic and trousers typical of his rank, and would also wear armor and carry a sword when going to battle.

Personality and traits

Hewson was a brave and valiant rabbit, skillful and fierce with the sword; his devotion to Jupiter and his heirs knew no bounds.

Family tree

- The Noble Family of Harbone Citadel -
Unnamed wife
Lynn Hewson
Young Helmer
Three other unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.

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