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Hendow is a slave doctor of Akolan's District Four clinic.


Ember Rising

When Heather Longtreader reports to the District Four clinic under order from The Commandant, she meets Doctor Hendow, who examines her arm, left sprained from a fall. He decides she can still work at the clinic with her injured arm in a sling. Hendow then leaves to tend to his duties, and Heather sees to some of the many injured slaves waiting for treatment.

After a while, an attendant notifies Heather that Doctor Hendow needs her help. Once she arrives on the scene, Hendow asks her to assist him with a patient pierced by a bricksplitter. Hendow starts to clean the wound, while Heather hands him each surgical implement as he needs them. Heather starts a friendly conversation with the patient, Master Mills, who calls Heather "Missy", at which point Hendow bluntly corrects him, telling him to address her properly as "Doctor". Mills concedes, apologizing to Heather. Doctor Hendow later repeats his rectification. After a bit, Mills falls unconscious, but Hendow keeps working until they finally finish, at which point, he states that Mills is "past our aid," and goes on to inform Mills' family of his state.

Later, Doctor Hendow meets with Heather after speaking with the Mills' family; he affectlessly thanks her for her help and welcomes her to the clinic, commending her skills as a doctor, which he found to be excellent. He then orders her to go home.

Ember's End

While in the Tomb of Lander's Dragons, Heather Longtreader remembered how she had helped Hendow treat Mills and other patients during her time as a doctor in Akolan.

Personality and traits

Hendow is seen to be remarkably stoical in his interactions with Heather, although not unkind. He is courteous, but in an apathetic sort of way. He also seems to be rather concerned with propriety, as evidenced by his insistence on the title of "Doctor" over "Missy".

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