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You are right here in your story. Don't skip ahead.
Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

I don't know how I'm going to die, but I know how I'm going to live.
— Heather Joveson, Ember Falls, pg. 322

Queen Heather Joveson (née Longtreader) is the daughter of Whittle and Sween Longtreader, the older sister of Picket and Jacks, and the niece of Wilfred and Garten. She is known as the Scribe of the Cause, and after the War for All Natalia she becomes the wife of Smalden Joveson and the mother of Maggie and Hanna Joveson, among others.


The Green Ember/The Last Archer

Nick Hollow

Heather and Picket play Starseek in Nick Hollow.

Having been born in the Great Wood, Heather is taken to Nick Hollow by her parents while she is still an infant. When she is somewhat older, Heather creates a game called Starseek, and teaches her younger brother Picket how to play, and it becomes a recurring game of theirs. As the pair neared maturity, their parents received mysterious visitors with increasing frequency, particularly after the birth of their youngest brother Jacks. The day before the last of these visits, Heather and Picket were engaged in a close game of Starseek when a storm rolled in from the east. After making it to the shelter of their elm tree home, the pair are treated to the first part of The Rise and Fall of King Jupiter the Great by their father.

The next day, a visitor who introduced herself as Lady Glen arrives at the house; Picket and Heather interact with her briefly before being sent to Gladeberry. On the way there, they overhear screams coming from Elric's farm, and rush home only to find their tree ablaze and surrounded by wolves. Heather sends Picket to run to one of the Seven Mounds, while she confronts Redeye Garlackson, leader of the attacking pack. After a brief exchange, Heather leads the wolves on a long chase, making it to Seven Mounds only to become stuck in the entrance as she attempts to join Picket. Just as Redeye is about to kill her, her Uncle Wilfred appears and forces her through the entrance with a kick that also knocks her unconscious.

Heather is carried through Seven Mounds by Wilfred's companion, Smalls, as he and Picket try to get them all to safety. The trio eventually fall into a large cavern containing an underground pool, the shock of which awakens Heather but knocks Smalls out. Heather insists on getting the unfamiliar rabbit to shore with Picket's help, and later loads him into a boat that they discover. Picket, with outside help from Wilfred, is able to break down a dam, releasing a flood that allows the four rabbits to escape from their pursuers down the Whitmer River. Heather is then introduced to Wilfred, who reveals that he had seen her when she was a baby, before falling asleep in exhaustion.

Heather and Picket watch their home being ravaged by wolves.

The following morning Heather wakes up, but feigns sleep as she listens to Wilfred and a revived Smalls discussing their plans. She drops her pretense when Picket wakes up, and is introduced to Smalls, whom she quickly befriends. Wilfred explains that they are heading for Decker's Landing, and gives Heather and her brother a few details about how things stand. Upon learning that their family are likely either dead or prisoners, Heather is filled with sorrow while Picket becomes angry. The group comes within sight of Decker's Landing only to find it ablaze, with more of Redeye's wolves patrolling the area. After Smalls investigates more closely, he signals the group to head into the nearby woods, but Picket trips and injures his foot in the process.

As Picket struggles to keep up with the others afterwards, Heather calls for a rest, claiming to be tired in order to allow Picket a chance to recover somewhat. Wilfred attends to Picket's foot, and the four press on to the base of Cloud Mountain, where they are met by the Forest Guard. Lord Rake soon arrives and welcomes the travelers, and Heather and Picket are introduced to Emma, a doctor-in-training who soon strikes up a friendship with them. After eating dinner in the Savory Den, the four are taken to rooms inside the mountain, with Heather and Picket being baffled by the others' references to the Mended Wood.

Cloud Mountain

The following day, Emma comes to collected Heather and Picket from their room, in which hangs a painting by Finbar Smalls that Heather feels depicts her childhood home. After breakfast at the Savory Den, Emma takes the pair to King Whitson's Garden, before leading them out onto the Village Green. While there they are introduced to Heyward, a rather focused gardener, and have a second encounter with Kyle, whom Heather and her brother met the night before at dinner. They then observe Helmer, Cloud Mountain's most antisocial resident, begin an insane training exercise. Lord Rake, Wilfred, and Smalls are able to prevent Helmer's death, though Smalls suffers minor injuries to his feet and only narrowly escapes death himself.

On the next morning, Emma leads the group to Great Hall, where they witness the calling ceremony of Gloria Folds. They are also introduced to Eefaw Potter, who encourages Heather in her anxiety over joining the story guild. As they leave the hall, Picket has an altercation with one of the guards, and leaves in a huff despite Emma and Heather's protests. Emma then takes Heather to meet Maggie Weaver, who explains that Cloud Mountain is dedicated to preparing for the world rabbits intend to build in memory of the fallen King Jupiter. After speaking with her for a time, Heather and Emma leave to find Picket, failing to locate him in the Savory Den.

The pair, joined by Lord Rake, eventually find Picket with Helmer, after Picket has attempted to convince Helmer to train him to fight. Picket claims that Helmer was showing him some moves, and silently pleads with Heather not to press the issue, which she does reluctantly. To the astonishment of all, Helmer then initiates a calling ceremony, accepting Picket as his apprentice. This is greatly to the distress of Heather and the others, who believe that Helmer will be a negative influence on her brother. The next day at breakfast, after Picket leaves for his first day of training, Heather has a conversation with Kyle.

Emma interrupts the interview and discourages Heather from trusting the roguish rabbit, before heading off to attend to her own duties. Heather, unsure what to do with herself, heads to King's Garden and overhears Smalls talking in Lighthall. She later eavesdrops on him and Uncle Wilfred, and is disturbed to hear Wilfred say that there are rabbits who don't trust members of their family. Heather goes to see Mrs. Weaver, who does her best to comfort the distraught younger rabbit, and is present when Picket arrives for his own appointment with the sage. Seeing Picket bruised and battered, Heather is furious, but her angry tirade is halted by Mrs. Weaver.

To Heather's shock, Picket expresses huge enjoyment of the day's training, and Mrs. Weaver is content for him to continue. After Picket leaves, Mrs. Weaver advises Heather that she must let Picket be his own rabbit, whatever that ends up meaning for him. At dinner with Heyward and Emma, Picket is happier than he's been in some time, thus proving to Heather that Mrs. Weaver is correct. She and Picket then head to Lighthall for their first Initiation, and learn from Uncle Wilfred and Lord Rake that they are members of the Longtreader family. Unfortunately, they also learn that Wilfred and their father's brother, Garten Longtreader, betrayed King Jupiter to his death, and that his kindred are held by most rabbits to be accomplices to his treachery.

Citadel Congress and Battle for Cloud Mountain

Shortly thereafter, soldiers from the other secret citadels of Natalia arrive for a Citadel Congress, the majority of them proving hostile to Heather and her family members. One morning at breakfast, Heather has a brief conversation with Uncle Wilfred, and expresses confidence in him despite their trying circumstances. She later speaks with a distraught Kyle, but the pair are interrupted by the aggressive Captain Frye of Halfwind Citadel. After the two bucks tussle, Heather tends to a battered Kyle, and they continue their talk. Later, Heather observes Picket on the receiving end of another rough altercation with Helmer, unaware that she herself is being watched by a group of soldiers from Halfwind.

Heather and Picket learn the tale of their uncle Garten's betrayal of King Jupiter.

On another occasion, Heather goes to the Savory Den with Picket and several of their friends, and she is surprised to receive a kind reception from Lord Victor Blackstar of Kingston. She and Picket are once again accosted by Frye, whom Heather denounces for his unjust hatred towards them. Emma takes the Longtreader siblings to Lord Rake's quarters, where they overhear a meeting between him, Halfwind's Lord Ramnor, and Helmer regarding Wilfred's being put on trial. Joined by Wilfred and Smalls, the pair attend an assembly in the Master Hall. Smalls questions Heather regarding Kyle's trustworthiness, and Heather expresses support, but feels anxious afterwards. The gathered rabbits then hear a speech by Mrs. Weaver, who seeks to rally and unify the divided rabbits of the Cause.

After the assembly, Heather follows Smalls to Lighthall, wanting to pursue the matter of his imminent departure and questions about Kyle. In the process, she learns that Smalls is not, in fact, the son of Finbar Smalls, but the true heir to King Jupiter and the rightful bearer of the Green Ember. She goes to inform Wilfred of his departure, at which point an alarm is raised regarding wolves inside the mountain. Wilfred orders Heather and Picket to safety, but after hearing him express distrust of Kyle, Heather insists that she and Picket go to Smalls' room. There they find Kyle, who has collaborated with the wolves and enabled their attack, as a means of securing the Green Ember while Smalls walks into a trap.

Leaving Kyle behind, Heather and Picket head outside, and are briefly accosted by Frye before seeking information about Lord Rake and Wilfred. Desperate to get aid to Smalls, the two are forced to separate, with Picket leaving to try and intercept the prince while Heather goes looking for Wilfred and Rake. While heading down the mountain, Heather comes across a wounded Halfwind soldier, Jo Shanks, and attends to his wounds. She then finds Wilfred and Helmer fighting several wolves, and intervenes to save them, breaking an arm in the process. After alerting them to the situation, she is sent to gather whatever rabbits she can to head for Jupiter's Crossing.

As Heather is running back through the forest, she is spotted by a small group of wolves, who attempt to intercept her. Unbeknownst to her, she is saved from their attentions by the actions of Jo Shanks, who manages to shoot down several of the wolves and split an arrow aimed at Heather despite his injuries. This enables her to join the rabbits at Jupiter's Crossing, just in time to witness Picket's miraculous defeat of two Lords of Prey and Redeye Garlackson. After the battle, Heather and Picket rest at a fire in the army's temporary camp, with Wilfred attending to Heather's arm. Some time later, Heather recounts the events to the story guild, and her story is copied and passed throughout Natalia, inspiring new hope in the Cause of the Mended Wood.

Potter's War

Note: Because Potter's War has yet to be publicly released, Heather's role in the story shall not be disclosed on this wiki. Should S. D. Smith ever choose to publish Potter's War, a complete summary shall be added. Thank you.

Ember Falls/The First Fowler

We don't have to win the war today, sir. We only have to win the next battle.
— Heather Longtreader, Ember Falls

Halfwind Citadel

Heather bids farewell to Picket when he leaves for a mission to rescue their parents and Jacks, though the expedition sadly leads only to a deserted camp. Afterwards, Heather attends a meeting at Cloud Mountain in which Smalls' court makes plans to travel to Halfwind in anticipation of getting Smalls to Kingston for another conference. When they set out, Heather and Picket join Smalls' party, and are later reunited with an advance force led by Helmer and including Emma after the death of the Preylord Solus. Heather then takes up residence at Halfwind, where she becomes a doctor-in-training under Emma's supervision.

Heather attends Smalls' council at Cloud Mountain.

Heather is invited to a meeting with Lord Ramnor, and they discuss the odds against the Cause, with Heather encouraging the pessimistic lord. He later reveals that she has been assigned to Helmer and Picket's new unit, the Fowlers, in order to act as their field medic. During one training session, Helmer dismisses Heyward, and Heather is angered by his handling of the situation. After following Heyward and sharing a brief exchange with him, she meets up with Smalls, who reiterates his plans to leave for Kingston. Captain Frye then arrives with urgent news, and the pair join a meeting of Smalls' closest advisors.

Frye's news concerns a large army of unknown rabbits approaching from the southwest, which the council discusses preparations to engage. Heather takes the lead in urging Smalls not to remain behind and join in the defense, but to continue to Kingston as planned in hopes of securing a unification of all secret citadel forces. Smalls agrees, albeit reluctantly, and then reveals to Heather and Picket that Emma is secretly his sister and heir. Heather pleads with him to tell Emma this, but Smalls refuses, wanting to spare Emma the pain he has endured due to the treachery of other members of their family. Heather is further distraught by the knowledge that Emma will succeed Smalls in the event of his death.

Unbeknownst to Heather, Picket encourages Smalls to attack a second prison camp in hopes of rescuing their family, claiming that Heather would be appalled to learn Smalls had failed to make such an attempt. He later finds Heather on Westfield, struggling both with having to keep Emma's identity a secret and the possibility of Smalls' death. Heather is also troubled by the council's decision to appoint the newly arrived Heyna Blackstar as Emma's protector, having already experienced feelings of dislike-albeit unfounded-towards the black doe. The morning after Smalls' departure, Heather goes to Lord Ramnor's quarters, and finds him reading children's poetry to ease his burdens. After he leaves, she tries it herself, but upon rising to embark on her duties for the day finds a wolf in the hallway.

Heather thus becomes involved in the Attack on Halfwind Citadel, in which a force of wolves attacks the rabbits, and rushes to the hospital to safeguard Emma. After rescuing their friend from a number of wolves, Heather goes looking for Lord Ramnor, and finds him mortally wounded in his quarters with Picket's teammates Perkinson. Lord Ramnor tries to tell her something, but dies before she can make sense of his words. Heather then heads to the hospital, which has once again been invaded by wolves, but the attackers are met by the arriving forces of the Terralain army. To the astonishment of Heather, Picket, and Emma, these new rabbits are led by Jupiter's estranged older brother, Bleston, and his son, their old friend-turned betrayer Kyle.

Uneasy allies

Heather and Picket are soon summoned to a meeting with Bleston, and discuss the altered state of affairs in the process. Upon arriving at Lord Ramnor's ready room, which Bleston has occupied, Heather is blocked by a member of the Terralain royal guard. Kyle, now going by his full name of Kylen, grants them access, and pleads with the Longtreaders to let go of the past and accept his friendship once again. Both Heather and Picket are resistant to the idea, particularly given his betrayal of the Cause and Smalls in particular. However, they are then brought to speak with Bleston, who surprises them with both his charismatic manner and his espousal of Terralain philosophy.

Heather does her best to resist Bleston's personality, refuting his assertions that all rabbits can be kings and queens, only for him to express knowledge of her own desire to marry Smalls. Bleston reveals that he is in possession of the Whitson Stone, symbol of kingly authority over rabbits in Natalia, and seeks to assert his claim to the throne. He then asks Heather and Picket to accept his rule over the citadel and await Smalls' return. Reluctantly the pair do so, and find that Bleston is a gifted leader who brings many needed improvements to the operations of the citadel. However, Heather finds many of his edicts overly harsh, and is infuriated by the admiration various rabbits display for him due to her own loyalty to Smalls.

Heather learns of Smalls' supposed death.

Bleston's harshness is further illustrated when Jone Wissel, an elderly doe of Heather's acquaintance, is arrested for stealing and imprisoned. Heather thus comes into possession of a tonic created by Jone, and resolves to speak to Bleston about her situation. Later, while outside walking, Heather is approached by Kylen, whom she treats coldly at first but tries to behave more civilly towards. Kyle reveals he has arranged a meeting between her and his father, and encourages her to be respectful despite her dislike. The pair are then attacked by a lone wolf, and Kyle saves Heather's life, while Bleston comforts her in her resulting distress.

Heather attends to Kyle's wounds, and then speaks with Bleston concerning the course he intends to take. She pleads with him to support Smalls, her words seeming to profoundly move him. At an assembly in Leapers Hall, Bleston calls Heather, Emma, and Picket onstage after they have been discussing a recent argument between him and Tameth Seer, his advisor. Bleston briefly worries the Longtreaders, who fear he will reveal Emma's true identity, but then surprises everyone by announcing his intentions to back Smalls' claim to the throne. The citadel then celebrates, but the following morning they receive word that Morbin Blackhawk's armies are moving on Cloud Mountain.

Heather gathers with the rest of the Fowlers as the Halfwind and Terralain forces assemble to march, and joins them in investigating a signal from one of their watchposts. The group comes across a badly wounded Uncle Wilfred, who carries woeful news: Smalls has been killed. After attending briefly to Wilfred, Heather leaves him in the charge of the other Fowlers while she and Perkinson head to Cloud Mountain so she can insure Emma's safety. Heather soon locates Emma after an unsettling parting from Perkinson, and asks her to join a meeting with Lord Rake.

Heather informs Rake of Smalls' death, and Emma learns the truth of her heritage. She insists upon remaining at Cloud Mountain to assist with the coming battle, despite the overwhelming odds faced by the rabbit forces. After a night's rest, Heather and Emma visit briefly with Mrs. Weaver, who proves to have knowledge of both Emma's heritage and the whereabouts of her mother. The two then enter Lighthall, trying to find some solace before their grim work helping casualties of the battle begins. They are interrupted by Bleston and Perkinson, with a company of Terralain soldiers, who have come to abduct Emma and surrender her to Morbin.

Battle of Rockback Valley

Heather soon recognizes that Bleston not only never intended to surrender his ambitions on kingship, but that Perkinson is responsible for murdering Lord Ramnor. She leaps through one of the windows, smashing it so that she and Emma can flee. They make their way onto the plateau where Lord Rake's command post is stationed, only to find him and his captains under guard. Garten Longtreader then appears, having made a deal with Bleston to establish a treaty between the Terralains and Morbin by turning over Emma and betraying the Cause.

Heather sacrifices herself to the Lords of Prey so that Emma might continue to lead the Cause.

A fallen bird of prey crashes down onto the plateau, causing a distraction that allows Heather to help free Rake and attempt to thwart Bleston's schemes. Picket, using Heyward's new glider cape, arrives on the scene, only to be carried off the edge of the plateau by the charge of an enraged Bleston. Despite his master's death, Perk attempts to kill Emma, but is thwarted when Picket swoops back up and drives him off the cliff himself. However, after checking on a fatally wounded Rake and speaking with Garten, Emma insists that Garten be allowed to leave unharmed. Though she doesn't understand the decision, Heather expresses her support for Emma, now fully revealed as leader of the Cause.

After the battle is over, Heather and Emma work to get as many soldiers healed as possible. All of the captains-including the newly promoted Picket-and soldiers gather outside their surgery tent to pledge their allegiance to Emma. That night, Heather wakes up to a strange feeling of dread, goes to the plateau and finds Emma at the top of the seventh standing stone. Emma reveals that she has agreed to turn herself over to Morbin, hoping to give her friends time to escape Cloud Mountain and the insurmountable enemy forces surrounding them. After failing to turn Emma from her course, Heather leaps to the standing stone and shoves her from it, taking her place as a bird swoops down to carry her off.

Taken to Morbin's lair in the High Bleaks, Heather stands before the Preylord King himself, and is identified by Garten Longtreader. Despite her peril, she refuses to submit to her enemies, and boldly admits to interfering in Emma's attempt to surrender herself. Unbeknownst to her foes, she has in her possession the Green Ember, taken from Emma in their struggle. When it is suggested, to her intense grief, that she be killed and sealed in the same tomb as Smalls, Garten suggest that she instead be kept as a hostage to use against Emma. In the midst of her despair, a slave begins singing nearby, and Heather recognizes not only the song but the voice that delivers it.

Ember Rising

Longtreaders and Wrongtreaders

Garten roughly forces Heather atop a bird and flies her to Akolan, the city of rabbit slaves in the High Bleaks. He reveals that he, like Heather, recognized that it was her mother Sween Longtreader singing, and that he has made a point of keeping their family connections a secret. When he explains his duties to Morbin as an ambassador, Heather denounces his allegiance to rabbitkind's enemies. Garten retorts that history will decide whether he was right or wrong, but Heather points out that his actions and those of his allies are indication enough. In a rage he flies over the Lepers District and kicks Heather off, and she falls into the midst of the filthy collection of tents.

Heather is left confused and frightened in the Lepers' District of Akolan.

Fleeing the lepers, Heather makes her way into another area of the city, and spots a couple of mysterious search parties. She is then apprehended by several hostile, uniformed rabbits, who take her to the Sixth District. At their headquarters, she falls asleep and suffers a series of nightmares, but is awakened and comforted by a buck named Hadley. From him, Heather learns more about the running of the city, and that the "peace" keepers she has been arrested by are known as Longtreader Command, having been created by Garten. She is then taken to see the Commandant, whom she has been told is Garten's brother, but realizes upon meeting him that he is not her father.

After an interview with the Commandant and a view of the city, Heather is assigned to the District Four clinic and knocked off the roof of Longtreader Command onto a series of awnings. Ending up on the ground, she is then dragged outside the wall of District Six and left there. After several days of nightmare-filled unconsciousness, she awakens to find herself in her parents' home in Akolan, and is joyfully reunited with Sween. The two briefly discuss what has befallen each of them since their parting, and Heather returns to a more restful sleep. After waking and sleeping again, she wakes to find her father Whittle watching her, and the two share a happy embrace.

After several Longtreader officers stop by and demand an update from Whittle and Sween on Heather's condition, Heather learns that the Commandant is not her uncle after all. She then reveals the Green Ember to her parents, and recounts everything that has happened to her since the wolf attack. Her parents share some of what has transpired in Akolan, and the next day Whittle takes Heather to the clinic to have her injuries seen to. Seeing many waiting rabbits in sad condition, Heather immediately goes to work, receiving approval from Doctor Hendow to do so. She is able to help a number of rabbits before being called to assist Hendow with operating on a badly injured buck named Mills.

Heather assists Hendow in the operation and tries to comfort Mills, but he proves to be beyond their help. As Heather repacks her medical satchel, she comes across Jone Wissel's tonic and decides to try it on Master Mills. After tasting a drop herself, she administers to the dying buck before seeing to other patients. Finally, Hendow thanks her for her efforts and instructs her to return home, where she goes to sleep. That night, Whittle follows through on a promise made earlier in the day and takes Heather out in the direction of the Lepers District. As they travel, Heather questions whether he has ever been tempted to join Longtreader Command, and Whittle reveals that their crimes include indoctrinating young rabbits and preparing them to be killed and eaten by the Preylords.

The pair enter the Lepers District, and after another harrowing encounter with the residents Whittle leads Heather into a hidden tunnel. The pair emerge into a chamber filled with rabbits, and Heather learns that this secret gathering is known as the Seventh District. Whittle has arranged for Heather to speak to them despite being newly arrived in Akolan, feeling that her message is one they urgently need to hear. However, in the event that anyone speaks against her, Heather will be killed in order to preserve the secrecy of the group's mission.

Mounting sorrows

Though fearful, Heather speaks boldly, recounting the state of Natalia at large and the heroism of Smalls and Emma. Having done so, she makes an inward resolution to live as though Smalls was indeed her husband, and to uphold his cause and honor his memory the rest of her days. The vote is then held, and Heather is welcomed into the Seventh District, who, under the leadership of a rabbit called the Tunneler, have spent over a hundred years plotting to escape Akolan. Afterwards, Heather meets Harmony, a doe whose sister Melody was a coworker of Sween's before she was killed by Morbin Blackhawk. On their way home, Whittle explains that the Seventh District is plagued by division, with some holding to their long tradition of careful preparation while others demand action.

Heather is tortured by the cruel Captain Vitton.

Heather correctly guesses that her parents fall into a middle camp, one that recognizes the need for considered action if anything is to be achieved. Whittle then reveals that his bringing Heather before the Seventh District is a move he hopes will help move the district forward together. Upon arriving home, the pair find that Jacks has returned from school, and Heather is shocked by the change in her youngest brother. Fully loyal to the Longtreader administration and suspicious of their activities, Jacks also reveals that he has been picked for an "adventure". However, both Heather and her parents are aware that this phrase is in fact a reference to the Preylords' preparation of young rabbits for their Victory Day feast.

After Jacks falls asleep, the three desperately discuss what they can do to save Jacks and the other younglings, a task all the more daunting because Jacks himself would act against them. The following morning, Heather speaks with Jacks, and shares with him the story of Flitch, hoping that it might bring him around to the right side. Upon reporting for work, Heather is greeted by an excited clinic clerk. Before she can hear the news, however, several Longtreaders arrive to bring her to Captain Vitton, the most infamously cruel officer in Akolan's regime.

Vitton walks with Heather into the Sixth District, bringing her to a blacksmith's station where he burns her with a red-hot metal bar. He explains that he is fully aware of Heather's identity, is responsible for Jacks' being selected to be killed, and intends to see her suffer a similar fate. After he leaves her, Heather treats her burn and makes her way home, where she finds Harmony looking for her. The aggressive doe has a heated exchange with Jacks, and Heather quickly takes her to task after Jacks goes inside, fearing what he may do. After learning of Harmony's own losses, and that the Tunneler is her father, Heather agrees to accompany her to the Seventh District.

Harmony brings Heather to the Tunneler's chambers, and the two discuss Heather's growing fame in Akolan and the peril of the younglings. The Tunneler then shows Heather the full extent of their efforts, revealing a massive underground lake and a fleet of ships intended to carry the rabbits of Akolan to freedom. Nearing death and fearing that his successor will halt the plan of escape, the Tunneler asks Heather to help him hang on for a few more days. Heather administers to him and lays him down to sleep, before leaving the room with Harmony. She is introduced to several other members of the Seventh District, including her mother's friend Stitcher and the young bucks Stretch, Wisp, Dote, and Gripple.

The rabbits report that the Preylords are planning to take all the younglings in Akolan, First Warren, and their other holdings for slaughter on Victory Day, as a means of crushing rabbit resistance once and for all. Despite this, the most likely candidate to replace the Tunneler is against any action. As Stitcher sets out to speak to the district council members, Heather runs home in hopes of saving her brother. Upon arrival, she learns that Jacks has betrayed them to Longtreader Command, and that both she and her parents are being sought. Stretch then bursts in with news that the Tunneler has died, followed shortly by a triumphant Vitton and his guards.

Akolan's rise, Heather's fall

Vitton's bucks kill Stretch and bring Heather and Sween to Longtreader Command, Vitton slashing Sween's leg with a knife in response to Heather's defiance. Thrown into a cell, Heather attends to her mother's injury as best she can, and at Sween's urging settles down with her to sleep. The next morning they are dragged from the cell and brought to the roof, where they can witness preparations for Victory Day underway in the Sixth District square. As Heather looks on in despair, Vitton prepares a sadistic means of putting her and Sween to an agonizing death. As he is about to begin, the Commandant arrives with several more prisoners in tow, claiming that Vitton may do with them as he pleases.

An exhausted Heather cries over Smalls' body.

Shortly thereafter, Lieutenant Anders arrives on the roof with news that a member of the Seventh District has betrayed the scheme, hoping to save the lives of his own children. However, before Vitton can carry out his planned execution and turn his attention to this new development, the Commandant's prisoners attack. Whittle, newly appointed as Tunneler, cuts down Vitton and frees Heather, while the Commandant-now revealed as a secret member of the Seventh District-holds Anders at sword point. Stitcher, one of the false prisoners, takes charge of several archers launching flaming arrows at a pair of massive banners hanging in the city center. This is a signal to the rest of District Seven who, disguised as lepers, break into the Sixth District to rescue the younglings and anyone else who will come with them.

The burning banners fall away to reveal ones dedicated to the Cause, and Heather is astonished to learn that Stitcher is really Edward Weaver, Maggie Weaver's lost husband. The happy revelation is soon disrupted, however, as Heather sees Jacks evading every attempt to be carried away to safety. Leaving an unconscious Sween in her father's charge, Heather rushes to rescue her brother. As she does so, she sees a rabbit who appears to be none other than Master Mills helping with the evacuation, but is unable to reconcile this with her last sight of him. Heather reaches Jacks and is able to convince him to come along with her, just as the Lords of Prey descend on Akolan.

With an eagle-riding Garten in hot pursuit, Heather and Jacks flee through the city, eventually making their way to the Lepers District. Garten catches up to them, and Heather narrowly manages to throw Jacks to Harmony before being carried off. After a long flight, Garten drops Heather atop Forbidden Island, and dismounts while his eagle goes to open an unknown gate. Heather pleads with her uncle, trying to persuade him to turn from his murderous allegiance. When he refuses, Heather decries his treason, and is met with his sword through her middle. Garten claims that Heather's actions will bring death upon all rabbitkind, and then kicks her into a gaping hole atop the island.

Some time later, Heather awakes in agony, knowing that Garten has given her a fatal injury. As she has dreamed many times before, she finds herself in a dank cavern, filling with moss that helped cushion her landing. She then finds the body of Smalls, and after weeping over him in grief lays her head on his chest. Thinking that she will at least be with her love in death, Heather is soon filled with astonishment as she realizes that his heart is still beating.

Ember's End

In the Dragon Tomb

Heather searches for mossdraft to sustain herself and Smalls.

Garten, his sword still stained with Heather's blood, shares news of her supposed demise with both the Terralain army and his masters in the High Bleaks. The former meeting serves to reaffirm the alliance between Tameth Seer and Morbin's forces, with the Terralains pledging to attack First Warren after the Cause retakes it from the Lords of Prey. Jo Shanks learns of Heather's apparent death after overhearing Tameth speaking to Naylen, Bleston's younger son. Picket later hears the report from a Longtreader soldier captured during the attack on Harbone Citadel, and brings the distressing news back to First Warren.

In spite of her own horrific wound, Heather does what she can to attend to Smalls, though his own injuries seemed likely to prove fatal as well. However, after recalling her own improved health after tasting Jone's tonic, and coming to suspect that she did indeed see Master Mills on Victory Day, Heather treats Smalls with the mixture. Fading quickly, she falls asleep and awakes to find Smalls gone, before descending into a deteriorating state that seems to mix nightmares and semi-consciousness. Eventually, her condition begins to improve, and she eventually awakens to find herself in amazing health with a similarly recovered Smalls by her side. After a joyful reunion, Smalls explains that he gave her the last of Aunt Jone's tonic, which has brought them both back from the point of death.

Heather brings Smalls up to date on what has happened since their last meeting, and Smalls laments his own foolhardy actions. Heather comforts him, and the two ponder how they can escape to rejoin the Cause. At this point, they are informed that there is no escape, and discover that their prison is also home to a dragon. The dragon identifies himself as the dragon keeper, protector of the dragon seeds, and reveals that they currently reside in the Tomb of Lander's Dragons. After sharing some of the secret history between rabbits and dragons, he informs them that he is waiting for a meeting with a rabbit monarch. Heather and Smalls do not disclose who they truly are, but give him some details regarding the world outside.

Heather and Smalls encounter The Keeper.

The keeper reveals that he tended to Smalls prior to Heather's arrival, feeding him life-sustaining mossdraft, and leaves the two to their continued recovery. Despite his assurances, and the knowledge that no one who could help them knows where they are, Heather and Smalls are nonetheless determined to escape. Heather also expresses her distrust of the keeper, and Smalls agrees with her despite lacking her seer's insight. The two settle down to rest, and the next day discuss their situation, growing worried by the tremors rocking their temporary home. They then consider the concept of the dragons, and all the knowledge lost when King Jupiter perished.

After being scared by a pair of eyes watching them from a hidden niche, the pair are once again confronted by the keeper. By his invitation, Smalls goes with him to see to the supports erected to maintain the tunnels, and Heather takes charge of the Green Ember. Heather then passes the time organizing her medical bag before going to sleep, during which she sees-whether awake or asleep-the preparations and perils of her friends and family. The next day, she recalls her first encounter with Jone Wissel, marveling over the old rabbit's miraculous tonic. Worrying for Smalls, she becomes determined to go looking for him, only to be visited by the keeper once again.

Heather is persuaded by the keeper to follow him to a mysterious vault, with a lock he has been unable to open. Under the influence of the keeper's drug-like breath, Heather investigates the lock. A tremor forces the keeper to leave, and Heather regains her senses somewhat. Spotting a dragon, she follows him stealthily and discovers a chamber full of the beasts. Upon returning to the vault entrance, she once again encounters the keeper, and admits to what she has seen. The keeper reveals that he is in fact the dragon prince, and that he intends to lead his people in an invasion of Natalia.

The last battles

Once again affected by the dragons' toxic breath, Heather reaches for the Green Ember, which she has realized is the key to the vault, only to find it missing. Enraged, the prince summons his fellow dragons and prepares to kill her. However, the vault door opens, and Smalls emerges wielding the Stone Sword of Flint. He cuts down the dragon prince, and he and Heather retreat into the vault, locking it behind them. The two briefly consider the escape route now open to them, but realize they cannot allow the dragons to follow them. As such, the pair equip themselves from the various containers held within the vault, before charging out to face the dragons.

Heather and Smalls prepare to meet their fate as the Tomb of Lander's Dragons collapses around them.

Having confessed their hopes for the life they might have shared together, Smalls and Heather charge through the tunnels of the tomb, slaying dragons and destroying supports as they go. Granted miraculous speed, strength, and stamina by Jone's tonic, the pair manage to fight their way back to the chamber where they reunited. They briefly consider whether they might not be able to spend a final few hours together, before the surviving dragons begin charging in from another entrance. Heather, wielding a maul, destroys the last support while Smalls contends with these adversaries.

Just as the pair embrace, expecting at last to perish, rescue arrives in the form of the Seventh District fleet commanded by Whittle. He lowers a rope into the tomb, and Heather and Smalls are able to join him aboard his ship. Heather's reunion with her parents is cut short, as they find themselves sailing into the midst of the Siege of First Warren. The escapees from Akolan quickly join in the battle, and Smalls has the ship set course to confront Morbin himself. As Heather watches, the few remaining Wrongtreaders swoop down on the defenders, while she attends to wounded rabbits aboard ship. Seeing a massive shadow, Heather looks up expecting more Preylords, and instead sees the Royal Fowlers Auxiliary flying into battle with Picket at their head.

As the Seventh District fleet moves to aid the Fowlers, Whittle's ship become damaged, forcing him to act quickly to repair the rudder. Garten then appears and attacks the ship, and is stunned to see Heather alive, but quickly turns his furious attention to Sween. Heather saves her mother from Garten's raptor mount, and Whittle engages his brother in a final battle that sees Garten fall overboard into a raging flood. Heather, her parents, and Dote are then rescued from their crippled vessel by Harmony, and forced to look on in horror as Smalls and Picket engage Morbin. Smalls is able to strike a fatal blow to the hated enemy, but Picket is horrifically wounded and plummets into the water.

Diving in after her brother, Heather manages to pull Picket to land, and swiftly attends to his injuries. In the aftermath of the War for All Natalia, she and Emma attend to him while Smalls reassumes his place as heir to the throne. Heather later sends Smalls a note requesting his presence, and he arrives in time to see Picket awake from his coma. A joyous reunion between the wounded hero and his family, Heather included, then commences.

The Mending

Heather and Picket walk with their respective children.

A year after the end of the war, Heather is present for the first Feast of the Mending, joining Gort and others in seeing to various preparations. Smalls announces his and Heather's betrothal, and that their wedding will take place on the same day he is crowned king of Natalia. Heather then takes her place at a table set aside for Picket's family and friends, including her new sister-in-law Louise Longtreader. Some time later, Heather rules beside Smalls as his queen, and the pair and their children live in the newly built capital of Newcity.

Early one morning, Emma comes to pay Heather a visit, and they discuss the affairs of their friends and family. Heather briefly expresses a wish to see Emma married, but bows to Emma's assertion that she "do[es]n't need to be married to have meaning."[1] They are briefly interrupted by Heather's daughter, Maggie, while talking about the wondrous changes brought about by the rediscovery of Firstflower. Sween then joins the trio, having come to continue work on a painting of the Mended Wood.

Some time later, Heather joins in a family gathering at Helmer's Farm, and she and Picket leave their parents, spouses, and children to talk alone. As they speak, they observe Heather's daughter Hanna leading his son Jo away from the others, and Heather notes that Hanna has a tendency to test the limits of her instructions. Heather then shares with Picket that she is working on a set of histories, The Fall and Rise of King Smalden Joveson, and shares with him the ending. The two contemplate their lives with joy, and are then approached by Hanna and Jo, who have found a starstick made by Picket. After the two learn how to play starseek, brother and sister join their families in sitting down to dinner, and recounting how the game came to be.

Physical appearance

Described as "beautiful" by Smalls, Heather Longtreader has pure white fur and silvery-blue eyes. She has a notch in her right ear, which was caused by an arrow from the bow of one of Redeye Garlackson's wolves.

During the events of The Green Ember, Heather wears a blue dress with off-white sleeves and a gray cloak; she also carries a staff. Subsequently, during the events of Ember Falls, she wears a white tunic with a lavender stripe down the front, a matching cape, and a cream-colored scarf. During the events of Ember Rising, Heather dons a tattered deep blue dress with white under-sleeves and a red preymark, and she carries a satchel. Lastly, during the events of Ember's End, she wears a similar dress but with a forest-green neck and sleeve hems rather than navy blue; she still carries her satchel.

Personality and traits

Morbin Blackhawk: You think yourself heroic?

Heather Joveson: I think myself a simple rabbit, loyal to the true heir and contemptuous of all traitors and dictator slavers.

Ember Falls, pg. 128

Taking after her father, Heather is a patient doe known for her empathy, kindness, and bravery. She is good at telling stories, but didn't work up the courage to spin her tales publicly until after the Attack on Cloud Mountain. Having matured, Heather finds herself thrown into the midst of a great war; she appropriately summons her courage and rises to the task of defending the Cause, telling her stories wherever she goes and speaking up in the face of injustice.

Though she is verbally and physically abused by enemies throughout her time with the Cause, Heather never succumbs to the will of the Lords of Prey, even when her younger brother, Jacket, is twisted to promote their propaganda. She remains steadfast throughout her and her friends' hardship, and because of this is known to be an exceptionally strong rabbit.

Family tree

- The Longtreader Family -
Unnamed ancestors (possibly including Forsythe Longtreader)
Unnamed grandmother
Garten Longtreader
Wilfred Longtreader
Whittle Longtreader
Sween Longtreader
15 unnamed adopted children
Smalden Joveson
Picket Longtreader
Jacket Longtreader
Unnamed children
Jo Longtreader
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.

- The Royal Family of Natalia -
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Whitson Mariner
Unknown wife
Lucianne Blackstar
Lord Blackstar II
Unnamed descendants
Walter Good
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Unnamed son
Jupiter Goodson
Lady Glen
Unnamed children
Unknown wife
Smalden Joveson
Heather Longtreader
Maggie Joveson
Hanna Joveson
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.


Whittle Longtreader

Heather is close to her father, having inherited his mild manner and his affinity for telling stories. She looks up to him as a leader and role model and, though initially shocked by his lack of resistance against evil, gains a new appreciation for his strength and resilience once reunited with him in Akolan.

Sween Longtreader

Heather has a healthy relationship with Sween, who often sang songs to her, especially as a youngling. Even when Heather is older, she is still close to her mother.

Picket Longtreader

Picket is Heather's younger brother, and the pair were best friends growing up, often playing games whether as opponents or teammates. Their relationship could at times be antagonistic, due to their mutual competitiveness, and their efforts to help each other overcome various weaknesses were at times hampered by sarcasm. Despite this, Heather genuinely cared for her brother, and made a conscious effort not to behave maliciously towards him. She was deeply concerned by Picket's sullen behavior and interest in becoming a fighter, and became even more worried and even angry when he apprenticed under Helmer. However, she was eventually able to learn that Picket was his own rabbit, and that being separated would not change their connection to one another.

Jacket Longtreader

Jacket, or Jacks, is Heather's youngest brother, and as an infant was closer to Picket in both age and their sibling connection. He apparently wouldn't sit quietly while Heather held him, but was perfectly content to do so with Picket. Despite this, Heather loved him dearly, and was deeply shaken by the changes in him when they reunited in Akolan. Heather found herself in a difficult situation, having to try and reach out to Jacks while concealing her contempt for the wicked regime to which he had been indoctrinated. The idea that Jacks might be killed and eaten, especially unaware of his true identity, was horrifying to her, and she risked her own life in her efforts to prevent it.

Wilfred Longtreader and Garten Longtreader

Wilfred and Garten Longtreader are Heather's paternal uncles, but her relationships with the two are starkly different. Wilfred first saw Heather when she was an infant, too young to remember him years later when they reunited. Despite this, Heather quickly grew to love and respect her uncle, though he was frank in admitting that he couldn't tell her everything she wanted to know. Her admiration for him grew as she witnessed his tireless efforts on behalf of the Cause, and she was deeply saddened to learn of the derision he had endured as a result of his connection to Garten.

Heather wasn't aware she had a second uncle until she learned of his betrayal of King Jupiter. Ever since, Heather has despised him and his cruelty. Despite this, Heather made several attempts to reason with her uncle, help him see the error of his ways, and convince him to return to his former allegiance. Sadly, it was all in vain, and Garten dealt Heather a wound intended to kill her. Thanks to Jone's tonic, she survived, but in a final encounter with Garten was forced to defend her mother from his murderous rage and watch as he refused both Sween and Whittle's entreaties to come home before falling to his death.

Smalden Joveson

Our love is a treasure, but it's not the house we keep the treasure in. There's a bigger world we fit inside, and we can't say yes to our love right here without saying no to that world. I can't. I know you can't either, or you wouldn't be the one I love so much.
— Heather to Smalden Joveson in the Tomb of Lander's Dragons, Ember's End, pg. 223

From the beginning, Smalls' kind, easy manner charmed Heather, and she came to like and admire him. Smalls returned her affection, and their love for one another grew gradually, though they never actually admitted it to one another. Heather was brokenhearted after receiving news of Smalls' supposed death; but it was soon after that she at last came to fully realize her love for Smalls and spoke of it openly. She resolved to live as though she were his widow, honoring his memory and refusing any other buck. When Smalls and Heather were reunited in the Tomb of Lander's Dragons, they professed their love for one another and fought together against the dragon prince and his army like a king and a queen "among [their] enemies." After the War for All Natalia comes to a close, Heather took Smalls as her husband and king, and they had several children together.


Perhaps Heather's best friend, Emma started drawing close to her from the day they met. They shared secrets and exchanged opinions and stories, and even made lighthearted fun of Picket together, something Heather would never have done with anyone less than a good friend. Throughout their respective hardships, and despite Emma's stepping up to take her brother Smalls' place as Natalia's heir, Heather and Emma have maintained a close and passionate friendship; Heather even going so far as to let herself, rather than Emma, be kidnapped by the Lords of Prey so as to protect her friend and the hope of the Cause.


  • According to S. D. Smith, prior to the events of the epilogue of Ember's End, Heather is "on the verge of adulthood."[2]
  • Heather's character was inspired by S. D. Smith's oldest daughter, Anne.[3]
  • The name "Heather" is of English origin and originates from the flower of the same name.[4]



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