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Harmony is a young rabbit doe and slave in the city of Akolan. She is the daughter of The Tunneler.


Early life

Harmony was born one of nine children in Akolan, but her seven brothers all perished. Later, her father was chosen as the Tunneler, leader of the Seventh District; the cautious nature of this role prompted Melody to consider her father lost to the Cause. Her sole surviving sibling, Melody, was later killed by Morbin Blackhawk himself after losing control during a mission infiltrating Morbin's lair. This left Harmony the last of her father's children, but all the more eager to stand against the Lords of Prey.

Ember Rising

When Heather Longtreader was brought before the council of the Seventh District, Harmony was present and assented to her joining the group. She later proposed a plan to bring the elderly of Akolan into the Lepers' District so that they could be cared for. However, the council opposed the plan, knowing that Longtreader Command would oppose such a move. Harmony spoke out angrily against such inaction, expressing the view that failing to act made them unworthy of freedom. After a tearful confrontation with her father, the meeting adjourned.

Harmony approached Heather after the meeting, expressing hope that Heather's words would spur the community to greater action. Heather's father, Whittle Longtreader, urged Melody to follow the Tunneler's council. When she retorted about the cost of not acting, he reminded her of the consequences of acting rashly, as her sister had. Despite this, when Harmony later came looking for Heather to get medical aid for her father, she was foolishly aggressive in addressing Heather's indoctrinated brother Jacks. Fortunately, she was able to convince Heather to accompany her, and left her alone with the Tunneler.

Afterwards, Harmony introduced Heather to several other members of the Seventh District, including Edward Weaver. Later, after the old Tunneler died and Whittle was appointed in his place, Harmony joined the false lepers in rushing the Sixth District. Under her leadership, they succeeded in rescuing many younglings and elderly rabbits as well, though she failed to intercept a panicked Jacks. Heather later passed him over to her just before being captured and carried off by an eagle ridden by Garten Longtreader.

Personality and traits

Harmony is fiercely dedicated to the Cause, and eager to help those who are in need. Unfortunately, like her sister Melody, her enthusiasm at times goes beyond wisdom and causes her to act rashly.


  • The name "Harmony" is of Greek origin and means "unity."[1]
  • S. D. Smith has stated that he feels his pain over the death of the character of Melody played a part in the creation of Harmony.[2]


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