It's the queen, Your Majesty. Queen Lillie is gone.

Hamp was a buck sailor who served on the Vanguard under King Whitson Mariner.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Starboard, sir?
As the Vanguard sails alongside Burnley, Massie Burnson realizes that a heavy fog is settling. He calls for the Grimbles, Commander Tagg, and Captain Walters, but no one answers. Concerned, he sends Hayes to wake King Whitson Mariner.

Too late, Vanguard collides with some rocks, and the ship begins to take on water. Whitson orders Hamp to fetch Queen Lillie. Hamp soon returns and nervously informs the king that Lillie is nowhere to be found.

Some time later, Whitson decides to take Steadfast on a reconnoitering trip. Deliberately trying to test Hamp's courage, the king orders the younger buck to pull to starboard towards some rapids. Though hesitant, Hamp does as he is bid. Once in the thick of the rapids, however, Hamp loses his nerve. By the time Whitson desperately orders him to pull to starboard in order to avoid a massive rock, Hamp is gone. Luckily, Brindle Cove takes his place just in time.

Physical appearance

Though Hamp's appearance itself is undetermined, he was referred to as "young" by King Whitson Mariner.

Personality and traits

Though a rather nervous and fretful rabbit, Hamp proved to be good at following orders, even in the midst of peril. However, the threat of certain death proved too much for him in the end, and he abandoned ship, leaving his shipmates without a helmer.


  • The name "Hamp" is of German origin.[1]


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