Hadley is a male rabbit and a slave in Akolan.


Ember Rising

Hadley was brought to Longtreader Command for breaking curfew, and was there when Heather Longtreader was brought in after arriving in the city. Heather fell asleep and began crying out, which prompted Hadley to place his blanket over her and try to comfort her. After she awoke, he explained various aspects of the city and the Longtreader administration to her. He was somewhat panicked after learning she had been in the Lepers' District.

Despite Hadley's assurances to the contrary, Heather was taken before the Commandant. Later, she believed that Hadley had informed her father, Whittle Longtreader, of her whereabouts.


  • The name Hadley is of English origin, and is derived from the Old English term for "heather field"[1]; this is appropriate given his interaction with Heather in Ember Rising.


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