Lieutenant Massie. Without your bows, you're no match for me. I've trained with Captain Grimble for years, and he's the best sword-wielder alive.

Grenjo was a buck who chose to serve Captain Grimble rather than King Whitson Mariner. He took part in the Grimbles' plan to abandon King Whitson Mariner and his supporters to an island of dragons.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

When Queen Lillie is kidnapped and taken to an island of dragons, Grenjo is one of the bucks assigned to stay to guard the queen. Lillie breaks out of her prison when she spots her son, Lander, and at once, thugs close in, Grenjo included among them. Grenjo is confronted by Massie Burnson, whose sword-fighting abilities Grenjo mocks. Luckily, Galt appears and knocks Grenjo out with a club.

Personality and traits

Though little of Grenjo's personality was known, he appeared to be cocky and very confident in his skills.

Skills and abilities

Grenjo was known for being skilled with a sword, having trained with Captain Grimble in the art for years.

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