Whitson Mariner: In the old tradition, a king made his succession clear by passing the [Green Ember] to his heir. The prince kept it as a down payment of his future inheritance and a sacred stewardship to guard while he awaited the day of his own rule. So if the crown of flames falls...

Fleck Blackstar: The Green Ember rises.

The Black Star of Kingston, pg. 84

The Green Ember is a large, bright emerald that adorns the crown of the king of the Great Wood.

It is the ancient symbol of the hereditary monarchical succession. The jewel is removed from the crown by the monarch and passed to the rightful heir, who then must keep it safe as a down payment of the stewardship of authority he or she would one day fully own.


The Black Star of Kingston

The Green Ember is mentioned by King Whitson Mariner when he explains the history of the jewel to Fleck Blackstar.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Lander wears the Green Ember throughout most of the events of the book.

Later, after the Vanguard and Steadfast have been marooned on an unfamiliar island, a disguised Galt offers the Green Ember to King Whitson Mariner as proof that he has been in contact with Lander and is still on the king's side. After the Grimbles are defeated and their stolen property recovered, Lander once again drapes the Green Ember around his neck.

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