It's not you and him. It's us and them. We are with you, poor and tired - and old - as we may be, to the very end.

Lord Grant was the father of Queen Lillie and a lord in old Natalia.


Early life

For reasons unknown, Lord Grant was not among the old bucks who stayed behind on Golden Coast with King Gerard to guard the escape of King Whitson Mariner and the other Trekkers. His daughter Lillie later married Whitson, and Lord Grant would often watch over their son Lander. Grant spoke highly of Whitson's father, Lord Whit, who had perished alongside the old king.

The Black Star of Kingston

After the Battle of Ayman Lake, Lord Grant took part in rescue efforts, and brought a weakening Whitson out of the lake and into a boat, wrapping him in his own cloak.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Lord Grant is present at King Whitson Mariner's departure-from-Halfway Harbor celebration.

After Vanguard is wrecked at the hands of Captain Grimble, the survivors of the wreck take shelter on a nearby island. Lord Grant comforts and encourages Whitson, who lays blame for the disaster on himself. Later, Lord Grant is present as Whitson vows to take a skeleton crew aboard Steadfast and sail upriver to meet Grimble's ship, Desolation. Grant joins the king on board Steadfast.

As evening approaches, Lord Grant and the other leaders on board listen to Whitson's plan for overcoming Grimble and his crew. Before long, Whitson's and Grimble's crews are fiercely engaged in battle. Although initially Grimble has the upper hand on Whitson, he is eventually overcome and surrounded by Whitson's supporters, including Grant.

After the battle is over, Lord Grant and Massie Burnson see to the prisoners taken.

Personality and traits

Lord Grant was a wise and good-hearted buck, caring deeply for his daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. Though elderly, he was known to stand by his king in any situation, whether it be a tense council or a battle to the death.

Family tree

- The Royal Family of Natalia -
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Whitson Mariner
Unknown wife
Lucianne Blackstar
Lord Blackstar II
Unnamed descendants
Walter Good
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Unnamed son
Jupiter Goodson
Lady Glen
Unnamed children
Unknown wife
Smalden Joveson
Heather Longtreader
Maggie Joveson
Hanna Joveson
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.


  • The name "Grant" is of English and Scottish origin and means "great" or "large."[1]


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