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What do I always tell you? Not enough salt is an in-salt, and too much salt is an as-salt!
— Gort to his cooking assistants, The Green Ember

Gort is the head cook at the Savory Den. He takes his cooking job seriously and demands that his cooking assistants feel the same way, often chiding them about their carelessness in cooking.


The Green EmberEdit

Gort is first seen by Heather and Picket when he emerges from the Savory Den to speak with Lord Rake, along with Emma. After Emma finished wrapping Picket's foot, Gort and Picket, Heather, Smalls, and Uncle Wilfred all entered the Savory Den, where Gort had prepared some soup for the weary travelers. Gort was friendly to them, never minding the opinion of the other rabbits, and appreciating that they appreciated his cooking.

The Last ArcherEdit

Gort welcomed the soldiers of the secret citadels upon their arrival at Cloud Mountain, and was particularly pleased by Jo Shanks' enjoyment of his cooking. When Jo spilled some of his soup, Gort waved him off from cleaning, promising that he would attend to it. Shortly thereafter, Eefaw Potter came in with a load of mugs, and his precarious means of moving them prompted Gort to rush and try and prevent them from breaking.

Unfortunately, he slipped in Jo's spilled soup and crashed into Eefaw, and was only able to save two of the mugs. These were later broken when Eefaw slapped him on the back, prompting Eefaw to retreat as Gort fumed at him.

Potter's WarEdit

Potter's WarEdit

Note: Because Potter's War has yet to be publicly released, Gort's role in the story shall not be disclosed on this wiki. Should S. D. Smith ever choose to publish Potter's War, a complete summary shall be added. Thank you.

Ember FallsEdit

While visiting Cloud Mountain, Heather Longtreader reminisced how Gort would always hang around in the Savory Den until someone complimented his food.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gort is short and about as wide as he is tall. He walks in a waddling fashion.

Personality and traitsEdit

Gort is a friendly, good-natured rabbit who is skilled in little else than cooking, loving it when rabbits praised his food; with every remark of commendation, he would cover his face so that his admirers could not see his pleasure.


  • In Gaeilge, the native language of the Irish, the word "gorta" means "hunger".