I think we owe it to the heroes of Golden Coast to be vigilant.

Golden Coast was the place from which rabbitkind fled to Natalia, led by Whitson Mariner.


Golden Coast became home to a community of rabbits who left the Blue Moss Hills after the arrival of Firstfoe. The red diamond symbol of the Royal Family of Natalia is a variation on a red-diamond theme used throughout the long history of the Kings of Golden Coast. Mining was a major industry in the area, with various "landed families" making their fortune from gold-mining. Coal-mining was also a profession in the area, though it was seen as low-class work, particularly after Hanfar's Second Rush. Master miners, such as Fleck Blackstar's father Jon, were denoted by a black star patch that they wore on the shoulders of their tunics.

The last monarch of Golden Coast was King Gerrard, whose son died before he could succeed Gerarrd to the throne. During Gerrard's reign, Golden Coast was invaded by an unknown foe, with the rabbits' last days in the region being haunted by the sound of howls. Whitson Mariner conceived the idea of escaping the coast using boats, and his plan was accepted despite some early opposition from the likes of Rangel. As a result, Gerrard named Whitson as his successor, passing on to him such artifacts as the Crown of Flames, the Ruling Stone, the Stone Book of Fay, and the Stone Sword of Flint.

In order to cover the escape of Whitson's fleet from Golden Coast, a number of the old bucks of Golden Coast remained behind to fight off the invaders. These included King Gerrard, Whitson's father Lord Whit, Jon Blackstar, and Galt's father.

The Black Star of Kingston

Golden Coast is mentioned several times, most often by Fleck Blackstar and King Whitson Mariner.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Golden Coast is mentioned by King Whitson Mariner as he recalls all that he and his subjects have been through in the past.

Ember's End

Golden Coast is mentioned by Missy Dreft, who notes that it became home to the rabbits who left the Blue Moss Hills.

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