Garlacks could not believe what was happening to him. He was very proud. To be defeated by a rabbit in single combat was the ultimate shame.
Lord Rake of Garlacks,
The Green Ember, p. 262

Garlacks was the father of Redeye Garlackson. He was the King of the Wolves during the Red Valley War, and was killed by King Jupiter at its close.


The Green Ember

Garlacks is mentioned by Whittle Longtreader as he tells the tale of the The Rise and Fall of King Jupiter the Great and of how King Jupiter slew Garlacks to Heather and Picket for the first time, in their elm-tree home in Nick Hollow.

The First Fowler

Helmer mentions Garlacks as one of the few Wolves able to discipline their normally savage brethren into effective fighting units, along with his son Redeye and King Farlock.

Ember's End

Garlacks is mentioned again in connection with his relatives, his cousin Farlock having dispatched a wolf army to join Morbin following Garlacks' death.

Personality and traits

According to Lord Rake, Garlacks was an arrogant individual, and was utterly humiliated by his defeat at the hands of King Jupiter

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