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Back to the battle!
— Captain Frye to Picket Longtreader,
Ember Falls, p. 95

Captain Frye is the captain of Halfwind Citadel under Lord Ramnor.


The Green Ember

Citadel Congress

Captain Frye starts a fight with Kyle in the Savory Den prior to the citadel congress by verbally attacking Heather because of her longtreader heritage. Frye gets the upper hand before Gort breaks up the fight.

The next day, Frye starts another argument about Longtreaders and loyalty, and Lord Victor steps in to defend Heather and Picket. The cause of all of this commotion turns out that Captain Frye had mistakenly identified Picket as the one meeting with the wolves at night.

Attack on Cloud Mountain

Frye helps defend Cloud Mountain from the wolf raid. His arm is injured in the battle. He stops Heather and Picket as they leave the mountain to help Smalls he believed they were the source of the wolf attack. Picket and Frye fight briefly; Picket wins. Heather identifies Kyle as the traitor and Frye point her to where Wilfred and Lord Rake have gone. Frye to goes to get Kyle.

Jupiter's Crossing

Captain Frye is among the rabbits who arrive to see Picket defend Smalls. He then helps defeat the remaining wolves.

Captain Frye delivers word to Picket that they have found the location of some prisoners and that Picket's family may be among them.

Ember Falls

Captain Frye is in charge of the scouts and intel of Halfwind Citadel. He provided information that led to Picket and Smalls scouting out an abandoned mine looking for Picket's family. His scouts also reported the approaching army of rabbits from the southwest.

Physical appearance

Frye is described as strong and stocky, but only has use of one arm.


Wilfred Longtreader

Ah, come to spy out our military readiness, have you, Longtreader scum?
— Captain Frye to Wilfred Longtreader, The Last Archer, p. 74


Helmer: You can drop the 'lord', Frye...A few weeks ago, I was just a brooding outsider who frightened children.

Frye: A few weeks ago? The only thing that's changed is that now you're a brooding insider. You've always frightened children, Helmer, even when we were children.

The First Fowler, p. 46


  • The name "Frye" is of English origin and means "free."[1]


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