Frill Able was a buck who served under King Whitson Mariner and Queen Lillie. He was the brother of Jake Able.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Aboard Steadfast, Frill Able cheerfully speaks with Ginny before he is dragged away by Jimmi Docker.

After Vanguard is wrecked at the hands of Captain Grimble, King Whitson Mariner takes a skeleton crew aboard Steadfast to meet Grimble's ship, Desolation. Frill and his brother, Jake Able, are part of the king's crew. Frill and Baily Nocks haul blastpowder barrels onto deck as part of Whitson's plan to overcome Captain Grimble and his crew.

As Desolation sails into view, Frill and his fellow sailors set the king's plan into motion. Before long, the crews of Steadfast and Desolation are locked in a furious battle. Just as Captain Grimble is gaining the upper hand on Whitson Mariner, he is surrounded by the king's sailors, including Frill, who force the older buck to surrender.

Physical appearance

Though little of Frill Able's appearance is known, he was described as having a "toothless grin."

Personality and traits

Though little of Frill Able's personality is known, it can be reasoned that he was a capable and loyal sailor.


  • The surname "Able" means "herdsman."[1]


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