We'll see to the shore, Your Majesty. Please take every sailor you can.

Fren Hiddle was an elderly doe and a member of King Whitson Mariner's council.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

But what can we do?
After Vanguard was wrecked at the hands of Captain Grimble, King Whitson Mariner held a council with his most trusted rabbits. When Fren Hiddle inquired as to Whitson's plan, he explained that he would take a skeleton crew aboard Steadfast to meet Desolation when it came around. Fren Hiddle and Captain Walters encouraged Whitson to take every able buck available, but Whitson was insistent in his decision.

Physical appearance

Though Fren Hiddle's appearance was undetermined, she was referred to as "old."

Personality and traits

It can be reasoned that Fren Hiddle was a wise and kind council member and a loyal ally to King Whitson.

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