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The Fowlers are a group of rabbits that train specifically to fight the Birds of Prey.

Their emblem is round in shape, with a leaping, sword swinging rabbit, behind which were spread a pair of spread-out wings or a wild cape.

They were led by Helmer, who trained them relentlessly; this training, however, is what made them practically invincible.

It was a very small unit with only four fighters. Picket was a lieutenant, Helmer, the captain, Jo Shanks, an archer, Coleden, a swordsrabbit, and (formerly) Perkinson, who was the son of Perkin One-Eye. The only other member of this exclusive group was their field medic and Picket's sister, Heather who was assigned to the group by Lord Ramnor, who had believed she would best serve the cause from a position close both to her brother and her friend, Emma.