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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32
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You are right here in your story. Don't skip ahead.
Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

Picket Longtreader: A fowler, your highness?

Smalden Joveson: Yes, one who hunts the fowl...a fowler.

The First Fowler, p. 121

The Fowlers are a group of rabbits that train specifically to fight the Birds of Prey. Their emblem is round in shape, with a leaping, sword swinging rabbit, behind which were spread a pair of spread-out wings or a wild cape. They were led by Helmer, who trained them relentlessly; this training, however, is what made them practically invincible.


The First Fowler

Helmer is inspired to create the unit after Jo Shanks is able to bring down Preylord Solus with a flaming arrow. Prince Smalden Joveson suggests the name by describing Jo as a fowler, and Helmer invites Jo to join his training sessions with Picket Longtreader. Heyward, observing their conversation, takes an interest.

Ember Falls

Helmer's pupils expand to include Heyward, who helps design the Fowlers' training course, and Perkinson, the son of Perkin One-Eye. The only other member of this exclusive group is their field medic and Picket's sister Heather, who is assigned to the group by Lord Ramnor, believing she would best serve the cause from a position close both to her brother and her friend, Emma. Sadly, Heyward is drummed out of the Fowlers shortly after Heather's appointment, lacking the ability required of members of the group. He is replaced by new arrival Coleden Blackstar, but the Attack on Halfwind Citadel occurs before before Cole's first training session with the unit can begin.

All members of the unit take part in and survive the battle, in large part due to the arrival of Bleston and the Terralain army. The group continue to meet and train together, but are soon called upon to march to Cloud Mountain with the expanded forces of Halfwind. Picket volunteers the group to check out a sentinel warning, which proves to be Wilfred Longtreader returning from a disastrous mission resulting in the apparent death of Prince Smalls. Perkinson and Heather proceed to Cloud Mountain to safeguard Emma, who is Smalls' sister and heir, while the other Fowlers take Wilfred back to Halfwind.

Picket, Jo, and Cole take part in the Battle of Rockback Valley, joining the charge at Jupiter's Crossing and then leading the forces in the valley itself. Unfortunately, the Terralains fail to join the battle, and Perkinson proves to be an agent of Bleston's who aids him in trying to seize Emma. He is thwarted and killed-along with Bleston-due to Picket's use of a glider cape developed by Heyward. Picket is then promoted to captain, and is able to insure his comrades' survival by taking command of Cloud's Mountain's forces.

Ember Rising

Helmer and Picket are attacked by Terralain soldiers while leading a force of rabbits away from Cloud Mountain, but Jo and Cole arrive with reinforcements and the battle ends with a temporary truce. Helmer and Picket then make their way to Harbone Citadel and then First Warren. During the Battle for First Warren Jo and Cole enter the city as well with the unified resistance army. Picket, Helmer, and Cole fight primarily against the Black Band, but Picket also succeeds in taking out one of the raptor sentinels, a feat that Jo also accomplishes.

Ember's End

Equipped with new glider packs, two of the Fowlers-Jo and Cole-go on a mission to infiltrate the Terralain camp accompanied by Heyna Blackstar. The entirety of the Fowlers later join Emma in returning to the camp for an attempt at negotiations, before responding to the Attack on Harbone Citadel. Following that battle, the Fowlers return to First Warren, where they assist in preparations for the Siege of First Warren. This includes the training of the Royal Fowlers Auxiliary, a much larger force of Fowlers, whom the surviving original Fowlers lead into the final stage of the battle.

Former members


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