General Flox was the leader of the wolves that attacked Rockback Valley. He was slain in battle by Picket Longtreader.


Ember Falls

Meeting In Morbin’s Lair

Sween Longtreader is cleaning Morbin's lair when two wolves arrive. One wolf is white, with a charcoal vest over a black tunic. The wolf carries an honorary shield bearing the red diamond emblem bent into a fang, a mocking to King Jupiter’s red diamond emblem. This is General Flox. Flox is meeting to secure the treaty between wolves and the preylords. However, the other wolf, Blenk, is nervous at whether Morbin will hold the alliance after Redeye Garlackson's failure.

Attack on Cloud Mountain

General Flox led the wolves that attacked Rockback Valley. With the help of The Fowlers, Picket kills him during the initial fighting in the valley.

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