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[The Stone Sword of Flint] will never break until all the breaking is broken.

Fay was one of the noble parents of all rabbitkind, along with her husband, Flint. She and Flint made the first leaping and founded rabbit culture on the Blue Moss Hills.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Fay is quoted by Queen Lillie.

Ember Falls

Flint and Fay are honored by the votaries as holy ancestors touched by divinity.

Ember Rising

The Tunneler compares Heather Longtreader to Fay, a comparison she denies. On Victory Day, Heather despairingly wishes for Flint and Fay to appear.

Ember's End

Flint is mentioned in context of how she and Flint found the Blue Moss Hills and Firstflower.

Skills and abilities

Fay was said to have prophetic dreams, even being called “the mother of all seers.”


  • The name "Fay" is of English origin and means "fairy."[1]
  • Smith says he may consider writing a prequel based on Flint and Fay's adventures in the future, although all one needs to know about them to enjoy The Green Ember series is in the books he's already written.[2]


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