[The Stone Sword of Flint] will never break until all the breaking is broken.

Fay was one of the noble parents of all rabbitkind, along with her husband, Flint. She and Flint made the first leaping and founded rabbit culture on the Blue Moss Hills.



Flint, Fay, and the other Leapers originally inhabited Immovable Mountain, but were led to leave it by dreams they experienced. Having seen the Blue Moss Hills on the other side of a wide chasm, Flint and Fay led the way to them by leaping across a set of Seven Standing Stones. Upon arriving at the hills, they discovered that the blue they had seen was not the hills' moss, but Firstflower. Eating these flowers gave Flint, Fay, and their companions heightened health and intelligence, allowing them to develop language and granting them long life.

Flint became the first king of rabbits, and reigned over his growing community with Fay by his side. However, their peaceful existence ended with the arrival of Firstfoe. To combat this menace, Flint wielded the Stone Sword of Flint, but how he came to possess it was lost to history. A number of rabbits later left the Blue Moss Hills and traveled to Golden Coast, where the line of kings continued and treasured artifacts such as the sword and the Stone Book of Fay. This book was either made by Fay, or else received in a manner similar to the starsword.

The Black Star of Kingston

Whitson Mariner mentions Flint and Fay to his son Lander, noting that their family are Flint and Fay's descendants and not akin to Gan and Shambler.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Fay's prophecy regarding the fate of the starsword is quoted by Queen Lillie.

Ember Falls

Flint and Fay are honored by the votaries as holy ancestors touched by divinity. Lord Ramnor has a painting of the pair hanging in his ready room, and it is one of the few items not removed when Bleston assumes command of the citadel. When Tameth Seer compares Kylen to Flint, Picket Longtreader wonders who might be Kylen's Fay, but quickly puts the matter from his mind. Sage Kins later plays the part of Fay as she and Prester Kell reenact the Leaping during an assembly in Leapers Hall.

Ember Rising

Upon being welcomed to the Citadel of Dreams, Picket notes that the name comes from Fay's book, which Captain Moonlight confirms. The Tunneler compares Heather Longtreader to Fay, a comparison she denies. On Victory Day, Heather despairingly wishes for Flint and Fay to appear.

Ember's End

Flint is mentioned in context of how she and Flint found the Blue Moss Hills and Firstflower.

Personality and traits

Fay was said to have prophetic dreams, even being called "the mother of all seers."


  • The name "Fay" is of English origin and means "fairy."[1]
  • Smith says he may consider writing a prequel based on Flint and Fay's adventures in the future, although all one needs to know about them to enjoy The Green Ember series is in the books he's already written.[2]


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