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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

Whitbie Joveson: It's a white falcon - no doubt the heir of Falcowit. Winslow says he believes they either slaughter all the family of one of the Six who dies or sometimes promote an heir if he is powerful enough to have survived the maddening aftermath of his sire's demise and has a spirit of revenge that is useful to Morbin's plans. They appear to have chosen the latter. This is Falcowit's son; I'm sure of it.

Jo Shanks: May he meet the same end...

Ember's End, p. 292

Falcowitson was a falcon and, as his name implies, the son of Falcowit, whom he succeeded as a member of the Six.


Ember's End

Having been anointed a member of the Six by the Preylord priestess in Grey Grove, Falcowitson led the first wave of Preylords in the Siege of First Warren. His forces caused much damage to the defenses of the Cause, but they quickly settled on eliminating Falcowitson as a means of scattering his command. They thus employed the Blackhawk Option against him, and Falcowitson met the same end as his father.

Physical appearance

Falcowitson was a white-feathered falcon, apparently resembling his father so closely as to remove all doubt of their kinship.

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