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Falcowit was one of the six leaders of the Lords of Prey.


Early life

According to Lord Captain Helmer of The Resistance, Falcowit had some history in the city of First Warren. As such, though his colleague Gern was credited with masterminding the Afterterrors, it was Falcowit who remained in First Warren afterwards to terrorize itsrabbit denizens.

Though the raptor sentinels over First Warren rotated, Falcowit remained at all times to prevent insurgent activities from within the city and without. He also oversaw the puppet governorship of Winslow Joveson, insuring that the traitorous son of King Jupiter did not act in a way displeasing to Morbin Blackhawk.

Ember Rising

Falcowit's regime is mentioned as having thwarted a number of infiltration attempts from the rabbits of Harbone Citadel, with Falcowit personally killing the party led by Emery Dann. After Picket Longtreader and Helmer succeed in infiltrating the city, Falcowit punishes the Rabbits of the city by ordering that several younglings be taken by his raptor subordinates.

He later appears at the Victory Day ceremony in First Warren, overseeing proceedings from atop his statue on the Seven Standing Stones of the city. He uses his cry to terrify the city's residents into obeying the decree to bring their younglings together in a group.

When the Citadel of Dreams is destroyed by an explosion, Falcowit leads the sentinels to investigate, swiftly returning just as the Resistance succeeds in disrupting the Victory Day ceremony. The arrival of the full force of the resistance soon distracts Falcowit, who leads the effort to repulse them. After futilely attempting to hold the city, Falcowit attempts to depart only to be killed by one of Emerson's Bowstrikers. His death marks the end of the Retaking of First Warren.

Ember's End

According to Whitbie, who learned it from Winslow, Falcowit's domain within the High Bleaks descended into anarchy as a result of his death. Falcowitson is appointed a member of the Six in the place of his late father, and leads the first wave of Birds of Prey attacking First Warren in the War for All Natalia.

Physical appearance

Falcowit was a large, intimidating falcon with pure white feathers.

Personality and traits

Like other members of the Six, Falcowit had a terrifying cry that intimidated even the boldest rabbit. As observed by Picket, he was possessed of great pride, demonstrated in his refusal to flee First Warren until all the other raptors in the city had been killed.



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