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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32
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You are right here in your story. Don't skip ahead.
Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

The fight is coming, and from many foes on many fronts. But I am with you. Fight on! I will never sue for terms of surrender or seek a token place in the enemy's evil order. I would rather go down and die, fighting for an entirely new order. And so would all of you. I am a healer, as you know. I mean with everything in me to save life. I will serve among you as a simple medic, bearing my sword where I must and saving some of you if I can. That is always my heart. But today I fight beside you. In our hands lies the hope of rabbitkind. Let nothing keep you from doing your duty; and know that I am beside you.
— Emma Joveson to the Resistance army before the Siege of First Warren, Ember's End, pg. 266

Emma Joveson is the daughter of King Jupiter and the Lady of the Glen, and the younger sister of Winslow, Whitbie, and Smalls. She is a princess of the Thirty Warrens.

Following her father's death at the claws of Morbin Blackhawk and the fall of Natalia, Lord Rake of Cloud Mountain adopted Emma and raised her as his own. Emma grew up as a lord's daughter and trained to be a doctor. She later learned that she was of royal blood, and after her brother Smalls was declared to be dead, she took his place as acting monarch for Natalia, leader of the Cause, and the Green Ember's heir.

Emma played a crucial role in the retaking of First Warren, usurping her older brother Winslow's power there. Soon after, she donned armor and took up a sword to fight alongside her army in the War for All Natalia.

After the war was won and her brother Smalls, who was revealed to be still living, retook his royal title, Emma assumed a quieter life once more, traveling across Natalia and touching others' lives where she could.


Early life

The youngest of Jupiter and Lady Glen's children, Emma's birth was not generally known at the time of her father's murder. When a handful of loyal counselors met in the wake of Jupiter's death, Maggie Weaver proposed that Emma be given into the care of Lord Rake and not told the truth about her origins. Lady Glen agreed, and Emma was taken to Cloud Mountain to live, with Lady Glen visiting her at times in the night while she was still very young. As Emma matured, she was told that her family had all perished in the afterterrors, rather than that many of them had sided with the predators responsible for those atrocities.

Emma's brother Smalls insisted that Emma not be told the sad truth about their family, wanting to spare her the pain he had endured. Based on this fact, Emma was also deemed a worthy heir to Smalls in the event that he died before assuming the throne or having any children to rule after him. For her own part, Emma pursued the path of a doctor, and was apprenticed under Doctor Zeiger, an odd but lovable mentor. For a time she became frustrated with knowing nothing about her past and suspicious of Lord Rake, whom she convinced herself had stolen her away from her real parents. However, his loving care soon demonstrated the falsehood of this, and Emma was also greatly aided by the advice of Maggie Weaver.

While Maggie and Rake proved Emma's closest confidants, she also made other acquaintances in her life at Cloud Mountain. The more pleasant of these included Heyward and Eefaw Potter, dedicated if eccentric bucks. However, Emma developed a firm dislike for Kyle, based on his troublesome attitude and apparent penchant for falsehoods. If any rabbit disgusted her more, it was the mysterious Helmer the Black, a sullen and solitary buck who often engaged in dangerous training exercises.

The Green Ember/The Last Archer

Emma is summoned to the entrance of the Savory Den when Wilfred Longtreader, his niece Heather and nephew Picket, and Smalls arrive. She soon befriends Heather while attending to Picket's injured foot, which Wilfred had previously wrapped, and then helps Heather to support Picket as they make their way inside the mountain. Emma brings the four newcomers food after they are seated in the restaurant, and conveys their enjoyment of the meal to Gort. Later, she leads the group through the secret entrance into the rest of Cloud Mountain, informing the pleased Wilfred and Smalls and the baffled Heather and Picket that the inhabitants are "the heralds of the Mended Wood."

The next day, Emma stops by Heather and Picket's room to deliver Picket's crutches and lead the pair on their first tour of Cloud Mountain. After breakfast in the Savory Den, the three make their way to King Whitson's Garden, and briefly discuss the tales of Fleck Blackstar and Seddle. Emma then leads the group out onto the village green, where they meet Heyward and then have a run-in with Kyle. Emma discourages Picket and Heather from trusting anything Kyle says, particularly his stories about the mythical land of Terralain. The trio then look on as Helmer begins one of his training exercises, with Emma crying out in horror when Rake, Wilfred, and Smalls intervene.

After the crisis is averted, Emma helps Doctor Zeiger get through the crowd in order to examine Smalls, who suffered minor injuries in the scuffle. Zeiger asks her to attend to his duties at the Cloud Mountain clinic while he pays a visit to Blackstone Citadel, and she agrees. At her request, Zeiger then checks Picket's injuries, and he privately counsels her and Heather that though Picket's foot will soon recover, his emotional state is another matter. The next day, Emma leads Picket and Heather to the Great Hall, where they observe a calling ceremony. Unfortunately, after Picket has an altercation with one of the Forest Guard, he leaves before Emma can introduce both him and Heather to Mrs. Weaver.

After talking with Mrs. Weaver, Emma and Heather go looking for Picket, and eventually find him in the company of Helmer. To their surprise and Emma's anger, Helmer accepts Picket as an apprentice, and Rake agrees to the arrangement, which prompts Emma to angrily pursue her guardian after leaving Heather and Picket. The next day she interrupts Heather and Kyle in the Savory Den, again warning Heather not to trust the troublesome young buck, before leaving to begin work. She later sits down to eat with Heather, Heyward, and Picket, and the four enjoy a pleasant meal together due in part to Picket actually enjoying the grueling training he is receiving from Helmer.

After Heather and Picket's identity as members of the Longtreader family becomes known to them and the populace in general, Emma is among the few not to hold them in suspicion and to use their true name freely. During the Citadel Congress at Cloud Mountain, she continues to associate with them and other friends despite the hostility of visitors from the secret citadels. In company with friendly personnel from Kingston, she later leads the siblings away from a confrontation with Halfwind Citadel's Captain Frye. After asking Heyward to fetch Wilfred, she brings the pair to the quarters she shares with Lord Rake, and leaves them to finish breakfast while she goes to borrow some honey from Mrs. Blake. During her absence, Heather and Picket overhear Rake in conference, and realize that Emma is similarly able to eavesdrop on her guardian's conversations.

Emma is responsible for the care of Jo Shanks after he is injured in an encounter with wolves in the forest outside Cloud Mountain. After helping him to calm down after he remembers what occurred, the two exchanged some banter regarding the congress, including a gathering that the two are missing. During the subsequent wolf attack, Emma pleads with Jo to stay and help her defend the sickbay, but later allows him to leave without protest to join the battle. Emma later relocates to the Savory Den to help attend to casualties, and asks Heather to come and help her once she has completed a task of her own. She later attends to Jo again following the battle, informing him of the revelation of Smalls' identity, and gives him a copy of Heather's story to read during his recovery.

The First Fowler

In the weeks following the Battle for Cloud Mountain, Emma completes her apprenticeship and becomes a full doctor, and continues to attend to Jo's injuries. She later approves him to return to duty, informing him that he is heading home to Halfwind while she will be traveling to Harbone Citadel to help with an outbreak of blue fever. Having become good friends, the two share a heartfelt exchange before bidding each other farewell. However, both are then included in a mission intended to get Smalls-and unbeknownst to them, Emma herself-safely to Halfwind. The two are assigned to Helmer's advance team along with Heyward, Captain Frye, a Vandalia Citadel buck named Aubray, and two of Jo's Halfwind comrades.

The smaller group scouts out the route to Halfwind, with a larger party including Smalls, Heather and Picket, and several citadel lords coming up behind them. The grueling but pleasant trek is interrupted when Jo and Owen, scouting ahead, discover a large company of wolves under the command of Preylord Solus. With a retreat to Cloud Mountain deemed dangerous if not impossible, the party decide that they must find a way to divert the enemy forces and open a path for themselves and the prince's party. Despite a brief protest, Emma joins Helmer, Jo, and Heyward while Frye leads the rest of their party in a two-pronged diversion attempt.

After successfully diverting a number of wolves, Emma joins Jo and Helmer in climbing a tree to scout out the remaining enemy forces. Unfortunately, they watch as Solus spots Frye's party and kills Aubray, and are forced to flee to cover to avoid attracting his attention themselves. With their first scheme having failed, Jo realizes that they must target Solus himself, and lays out a strategy. Emma helps to concoct an explosive mixture that the group uses to fill emptied water skins, intending to attach them to Solus. While en route to the point they have decided upon for their ambush, they are joined by Owen, who survived Solus' attack but became separated from the rest of his party.

The group gets into position, with Jo being hung below a natural rock bridge to serve as bait for Solus. Unfortunately, Solus detects something amiss and attacks the rabbits atop the bridge, and Emma is knocked off. Jo is able to catch her, saving her from a fatal fall, and later releases her when a falling tree pulls them both back on top of the bridge. Helmer succeeds in attaching the explosives to Solus, and Jo is able to ignite it with a flaming arrow and kill the Preylord just as he is swooping down on Smalls' party. The two groups converge, with Emma embracing Heather in relief, and are then joined by Frye and Studge as they near Halfwind Citadel in safety.

Ember Falls

Unknowing heir

Emma becomes become the leading healer of Halfwind Citadel, and is able to make her trip to Harbone to aid the rabbits there. She oversees Heather's training as a medic and request that Lord Ramnor allow her to remain at Halfwind as part of her staff. Ramnor makes a modification to this request, assigning Heather as medic to the Fowlers, a new elite unit formed by Helmer and including Picket and Jo. Shortly after this, Smalls makes Emma's true identity known to Heather and Picket, but swears them both to keep the secret, much to Heather's dismay. Smalls also entrusts Picket with the Green Ember, telling him to give it to Emma in the event he does not return from his journey to Kingston.

The day after Smalls departure, wolves launch an attack on Halfwind Citadel, with several breaking into the hospital. Emma puts herself in harm's way to protect several younglings under her care, but is rescued by the timely arrival of Picket, Jo, and Heather. She soon orders them to other work once the wolves have been driven out. A second group later breaks in again, but this time is thwarted by soldiers from the newly arrived Terralain army. Much to the shock of Emma and her friends, one of the leaders of this group is Kyle, now revealed as Prince Kylen, the son of Jupiter's estranged brother Bleston.

As Bleston asserts authority over the citadel in the wake of Lord Ramnor's murder, Picket and Heather discuss the fact that Emma has some claim to leadership over Halfwind. As the citadel is reordered, both Emma and Heather are affected by Bleston's changes, which in some ways are an improvement but in other ways troubling. At one point Emma snaps at Jo over their prescribed care for his injured arm, leading to an awkward moment between the two healers and their patient. Later Emma orders Heather to take a break after seeing how badly stressed she is.

During an assembly in Leapers Hall, Bleston calls the Longtreader siblings and Emma up on stage, and Emma's friends briefly fear he knows her true identity and is about to reveal it. Their suspicions prove unfounded, and all three listen, their emotions running through the spectrum from unease to alarm and finally to joy as Bleston announces his intent to support Smalls' claim to the throne. Unfortunately, the next day Halfwind receives news that the wolf armies of Morbin Blackhawk are marching on Cloud Mountain, and Emma leaves ahead of the Halfwind and Terralain armies in order to reinforce Doctor Zeiger's staff. Shortly thereafter, Heather arrives and finds Emma at work with the other healers, and asks her to come to a meeting with Lord Rake.

After seeing the massive size of Morbin's army, Heather becomes adamant that Emma must be taken to safety, revealing that Smalls has apparently been killed en route to Kingston. Emma overhears this, thus learning the truth about her heritage, but refuses to leave her friends and orders that the battle plans laid out be followed. The next day, Emma oversees final preparations for the Battle of Rockback Valley, before going with Heather to see Mrs. Weaver. Maggie reveals her knowledge of Emma's true identity and her role in the arrangement, as well as the fact that Emma's mother is still alive and why she is not serving as ruler. After parting with Maggie and Lord Rake, Emma and Heather go to Lighthall, where Emma briefly breaks down crying under the weight of her newfound responsibilities and all that she has lost.


Tragically, Bleston chooses this moment to reveal his treacherous intentions, having been informed of Emma's identity by Perkinson, his agent among the Fowlers. The two bring a force to Lightall and demand that Emma surrender to them or see Heather die, intending to hand the princess over to Morbin as part of a treaty between them. Heather refuses to surrender or allow Emma to do so, and breaks through one of the windows to create an escape route for them. The pair run to the plateau where Lord Rake is meant to be coordinating Cloud Mountain's defenders, only to find him and his bucks under guard by more of Bleston's soldiers led by Garten Longtreader.

Bleston's party soon arrives, but their apparent victory is interrupted when one of Morbin's raptors falls out of the sky dead, creating a diversion that allows Heather and Lord Rake to spring into action. Bleston orders his bucks to kill Emma, and Lord Rake is fatally injured by an arrow meant for her. As Bleston charges her himself, a sword falls out of the sky and discharges the Green Ember; the weapon is swiftly followed by its owner, Picket, who is using Heyward's newly created glider cape. As Emma looks on, Bleston charges Picket, and the two go over the edge of the plateau to their apparent death. Perkinson, knowing that his own life is forfeit, threatens to kill Emma, but is thwarted when Picket glides back up to the plateau and drives him off the edge.

With his allies defeated, Garten requests to speak with Emma alone, assuring the others that he is unarmed. Emma agrees after examining Lord Rake, who has perished, and later stuns her friends by allowing Garten to depart. After summoning his carrier bird using a whistle, Garten shakes hands with Emma before leaving. Emma claims that she is attempting to take advantage of Bleston's negotiations with Morbin, knowing that the Cause will not survive if the full weight of Morbin's army is brought to bear on Coud Mountain. She appoints Picket, whom she promotes to the rank of captain, to command the Cloud Mountain troops to aid the Halfwind forces, while she joins Heather in aiding the medical staff.

After the battle, Emma is surprised when those soldiers fit to stand appear before her to pledge themselves to their newly revealed princess. Picket fulfills his promise to Smalls by giving her the Green Ember, and the soldiers then recite Blackstar's oath. Accepting their gesture, Emma urges them to continue the fight, whatever may happen. That night, Heather awakens with a sense of dread and heads out to the plateau to find Emma atop one of the Seven Standing Stones. She confesses that, in her meeting with Garten, she agreed to surrender herself to Morbin in order to secure time for her friends to escape.

Heather pleads with Emma not to give in to Morbin, protesting that she cannot lay down her life when it belongs in part to her subjects. Emma refuses to listen, and blows the whistle Garten passed to her to summon a bird. Before it can carry her away, Heather leaps to the top of her standing stone and seizes her torch and the Green Ember, knocking her from the top in the process. Picket, awaking to find Heather gone, arrives in time to find Emma weeping over Heather being carried away in her place.

Ember Rising/The Archer's Cup

Touring citadels

Emma takes charge of the evacuation of Cloud Mountain, seeking to get the inhabitants to safety before Morbin or Bleston's forces can mount another attack. She tasks Helmer and Picket with entering First Warren, the occupied rabbit capital, in preparation for an invasion. Shortly after the two leave with a group of soldiers, more survivors from Smalls' doomed expedition to Kingston return, with Lord Victor bringing along several of Smalls' possessions. She asks Jo and Cole, another of the Fowlers and Victor's son, to follow Picket and deliver a scarf belonging to her brother with her regards.

In preparation for the assault on First Warren, Emma sets out to visit several of the secret citadels, beginning with Vandalia Citadel. She is accompanied by Lord Victor, whose injuries she is treating, along with Mrs. Weaver, Jo, Cole, and Cole's sister Heyna. The group is greeted by Vandalia's dying Lord Booker, who kneels before Emma in tribute, something Emma is forced to tolerate as part of her position and out of respect to the dignified old rabbit. Booker leads the group into Vandalia, and Emma is moved by his dedication despite Vandalia's losses. She is soon introduced to his son Morgan, and a friendship soon develops between the pair during Emma's enjoyable visit to the citadel.

Leaving Vandalia, Emma's entourage travels towards Blackstone, where they are expecting resistance and heavy anti-Longtreader sentiment from Lord Ronan. Heyna, who has been acting as both Emma's lady-in-waiting and incognito bodyguard, advises Emma to step up their travel plans so as to arrive at Blackstone much sooner than planned. While considering her counsel, which is supported by Jo's advice, Emma asks Heyna why she learned to fight, an oddity among rabbits and nobility in particular. Heyna eventually discloses that it was because of the loss of her mother, Lady Blackstar, with Cole and Victor joining the conversation as her story progresses. Through this, Emma learns that she and the Blackstars are distant cousins, and after insisting that Heyna and the others address her as Emma in private orders that their plans be changed based on Heyna's recommendation.

Due to the urgency of their mission to reach all of the secret citadels they can, Emma sends most of her escort south, retaining only Jo and the Blackstar twins for her mission to Blackstone. The four banter along the way, Jo expressing doubts about this part of the scheme only to be told that he unwittingly contributed to it. After a conversation that ranges from Jo's archery prowess to how her companions are to address her, the group stops for a rest. Cole joins Jo in a private conversation about the idea of marriage, and briefly wonders whether he has his eye on Emma. Jo refutes the suggestion, based on his commoner status and the belief that, if she would be interested in anyone, it would be Morgan Booker.

The group continues to Blackstone, and Jo questions Emma about their upcoming confrontation with Ronan, before promising her that he will be loyal to her whatever happens. Arriving in the area of Blackstone, the four rabbits rely on Cole's tactical training and some handy trickery to distract the guards on Blackstone's main gate, allowing them to approach it with only two bucks to meet them. Acting the part of the imperious ruler, Emma demands entry and a meeting with Ronan, and is escorted along with her friends to a small waiting room while one of the guards goes to speak with Ronan. Emma dismisses the other guard, before admitting that she hates the act they are putting on at Mrs. Weaver's suggestion, even though she believes it's the best course.

Suddenly, a medic named Gallipot Grenda enters, and warns Emma that Blackstone is in dire straits. She also informs Emma that many are displeased by even the notion of her presents, still suspicious of the Longtreader family despite Picket and Heather's contributions. Before Emma can learn more from her, they are interrupted by Lead Captain Truff, who orders Grenda to leave before angrily confronting Emma and her companions. Despite his gruff manner, Emma does her best to respond calmly, expressing her intent to restore relations between Blackstone and the rest of the Cause. Truff apologizes, and informs the group that he will send bucks to lead them to quarters where they may rest before a meeting of the Lord's Council later that morning.

Trouble at Blackstone

As Emma and her friends are led to quarters, it becomes evident that their presence has evoked not merely dislike, but outright hatred, from some of the inhabitants. Emma decides to rest before going to breakfast, wanting to be as prepared as possible for the council meeting. Her escorts briefly discuss the possibility that they will need to get her out of the citadel, and Cole remains on guard at her door while Jo and Heyna go to breakfast. Heyna later returns to awaken Emma with news that Cleeve Hapson, a messenger supposedly from Lord Ronan, has been sent to summon them to a meeting. Upon arriving at the mess hall, Emma is introduced to Lokson, son of Blackstone's previous lord, Lokken, and his second-in-command Cheltham, who expresses gratitude to her for her life-saving work at Harbone.

After briefly speaking with the two bucks, Emma and her companions follow Cleeve to Blackstone hospital, where they once again meet Grenda. She tries to warn them to leave, but is halted by Matron Breelia Wilder, who has Grenda taken away before leading Emma's group into a meeting, having used the supposed summons from Ronan to arrange to speak to Emma. The conversation is tense, with Wilder demonstrating considerable knowledge coupled with a cold, imperious attitude. It is later interrupted when one of Wilder's bucks informs her that Ronan has called for the council meeting, and she departs on her own. Emma and the others discover that they have been locked in the office where they spoke to her, and are soon endangered by a fire set outside one of the doors.

Emma suffers a minor burn as a result, but the others are able to break down the door and get them out. Despite the attempt on her life, Emma remains determined to remain at Blackstone and recruit them for the planned Battle for First Warren. After a brief stop at the mess hall, her group proceeds to the Lord's Quadrant, where they are admitted and led to the council chamber. Lord Ronan expresses irritation at their late arrival, but is stopped short when Emma discloses the attempt on her life and denounces the division she has witnessed. The council members proceed to brief Emma on the situation at Blackstone, including the roles of the Keymasters and the threats of the mysterious Bane Graveheart.

After being brief on the situation, Emma questions how she can be of help to Blackstone. When Lokson proposes an event to raise morale, Wilder notes that Cloud Mountain was known for such things, with Emma confirming her intelligence. She is forced to report the death of Lord Rake to Ronan, who was unaware of her adopted father's demise. The meeting is then interrupted by Lady Elisabeth, Ronan's wife, with another threatening note from Bane Graveheart. While Lokson, Truff, and Jo-the latter with Emma's unspoken approval-leave to investigate, Emma reminds behind to attend to a stricken Lord Ronan.

Once the bucks have returned to find Ronan taken to his rooms, Emma intervenes when Truff accuses Lokson of setting up the incident to undermine Ronan as part of his own bid for the lordship of Blackstone. At her request, Jo briefs those who remained in the council chamber on what happened. She deduces that this latest act of terrorism was meant to display Bane Graveheart's power, rather than cause any actual harm. When Matron Wilder reveals that Lady Elisabeth only found the note due to a suggestion she made, Captain Truff arrests her on suspicion of being Bane Graveheart. Afterwards, Lokson invites Emma and her companions to join him at a private dinner, and Rona's secretary Amber Hewson leads Emma to the mess hall for breakfast.

Emma becomes better acquainted with Amber, and the two are enjoying breakfast until a patrolling Jo slips and crashes into their table, much to everyone's amusement. Captain Truff then appears to lead Emma to new, better quarters, and apologizes for his earlier behavior; Emma accepts his offer courteously and leaves Jo to get cleaned up. She later attends Lokson's dinner with the Blackstar twins and the recently arrived Nate Flynn, one of Jo's former comrades from Halfwind. Afterwards, they find Jo and inform him that he and Nate will be among her representatives in an event newly organized by Truff and Lokson: the Ultimate Archer's Cup.

From Blackstone to First Warren

I have been advised by some to leave the city, to seek protection to ensure against the lost of the bloodline of my father. I was also advised not to come on this day. But I tell you, my friends, that I will not quit this city until Morbin is defeated. He shall know where to find me, for I will be here!
— Emma to the rabbits of First Warren, Ember Rising

Having tasked Jo and Nate with trying to win the tournament and humble the proud Cheltham, Emma turns her attention to winning over Lord Ronan. She and Heyna stay with him and Lady Elisabeth after Breelia Wilder escapes, and Emma sees to his medical care before retiring for the night. The following day she and Heyna are joined at breakfast by Gallipot Grenda, and she warmly encourages Jo as he prepares for the tournament. Her breakfast companions and Cole join her in the spectator stands during the Ultimate Archer's Cup. However, when Amber arrives with news of another note from Bane Graveheart, Emma leaves to attend to Ronan, promising Jo that she will be with him in spirit for the remainder of the tournament.

After her departure, Jo deduces the true identity of Bane Graveheart: Slimmo, Blackstone's head chef and a former rival of Ronan's for Lady Elisabeth's affections. In the midst of his final mad scheme, Emma and several other rabbits are tranquilized, but come to no permanent harm thanks to Jo's intervention. Fully recovered, Emma attends a ceremony at which the reunified Blackstone rabbits pledge their loyalty to her. She later happily spends time with Lord Ronan, Lady Elisabeth, and their children.

Upon leaving Blackstone, Emma receives a secret message from Kylen requesting that she meet him in private; hoping to reconcile with the Terralain army, Emma agrees. Upon arrival, she is first alarmed to learn that Tameth Seer is aware of their meeting, then angry at Kyle's accusations towards Picket and Heather, and then shocked by his signs of illness. Emma offers to help him, but Kylen refuses, and exhorts her to acknowledge his claim to the throne. Though briefly tempted, Emma refuses, knowing that her rights to the crown, though unwanted, are legitimate.

After a final plea to Kylen, in which she tries to convince him of the wrongness of his course and to stop taking the medicine Tameth Seer has been giving him, Emma flees. She is captured by Tameth and his minions, who attempt to murder her in order to secure their alliance with Morbin and remove her as a threat to Kylen. However, Jo and the Blackstar twins appear just in time to thwart the attempt. They then lead Emma to safety, though Emma worries about the fate of the Cause so long as she serves as its leader.

Despite her uncertainty, Emma directs the forces of the secret citadels into attacking First Warren, with Lord Victor acting as her field commander in place of the late Lord Hewson. Accompanied by the newly promoted Lord Morgan and his elite guard, she enters the city and finds an injured Picket and Cole in the city square. While Victor attends to Cole, Emma orders Morgan and Captain Parn of Harbone to carry Picket into the old palace. After Heyna saves her from a would be assassin, the group makes its way to the palace balcony to find Emma's brothers Winslow and Whit. Following a happy meeting with her loyal brother Whit, Emma looks on as the battle for the city reaches its conclusion.

Some time later, Emma visits the recovering Picket and delivers him a crutch, though he politely declines her invitation to join her on the palace balcony for her first address to the city. Emma speaks to the populace, announcing her intention to remain in First Warren despite the expected retaliation by Morbin Blackhawk. Helmer then brings Winslow, Morbin's former governor whom she tasked Helmer and Picket with delivering an ultimatum to, before her to be judged for his crimes. To Picket's relief and Winslow's shock, Emma chooses to pardon him and any of his supporters who are willing to rejoin the Cause, promising that all wrongs will be properly set right once the war has been won.

Ember's End

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Physical appearance

Described as lovely, Emma has auburn fur with a tan muzzle and white spots, and her eyes are a pale icy blue. While working as a doctor, she wears a blue and white tunic and a thin belt around her waist, but once she assumes the role of princess, she wears a variety of dresses. During the Siege of First Warren, she dons a crown and a silver breastplate and carries a sword.

Personality and traits

I appear to be only this feeble doe, but inside I have the heart of a warrior king.
— Emma, Ember's End, pg. 266

As a young doe, Emma is a joyful, friendly rabbit who playfully teases everyone and boldly speaks her mind. She has a ready wit, but as a healer-in-training, is no nonsense when it comes to medical matters. As she matures, and especially once she finds herself princess of Natalia, she becomes much more serious and focused, and takes to leading the Cause naturally. Nevertheless, she still retains her sense of humor, as observed in many an interaction with her friends.

Family tree

- The Royal Family of Natalia -
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Whitson Mariner
Unknown wife
Lucianne Blackstar
Lord Blackstar II
Unnamed descendants
Walter Good
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Unnamed son
Jupiter Goodson
Lady Glen
Unnamed children
Unknown wife
Smalden Joveson
Heather Longtreader
Maggie Joveson
Hanna Joveson
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.


Jupiter Goodson and Lady Glen

Jupiter Goodson and Lady Glen are Emma's birth parents, though her father was killed before she ever had the chance to know him. She was also separated from her mother in infancy, being entrusted to the care of Lord Rake so as to conceal her identity. While Emma was still young, barely old enough to remember, her mother would visit her at Cloud Mountain and hold her during the night. These visits eventually ceased, and Emma was told that her family had been killed in the afterterrors.

Years later, Emma was told the truth about her heritage, and recalled her interactions with her mother. The pair were later reunited during the Siege of First Warren.

Winslow, Whitbie, and Smalden Joveson

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Heather Joveson

Emma quickly became best friends with Heather after the latter arrived at Cloud Mountain, with Emma eagerly seeking to help her friend do the things she loved and supporting her in her sorrow. She loved Heather despite her connections with Garten Longtreader, and held no regard for the disapproval of others.

Picket Longtreader

You can choose what you believe, Shuffler, but you can’t change what’s true.
Emma first met Picket when he and his sister Heather arrived at Cloud Mountain, Picket needing medical attention and Emma being assigned to inspect his injured foot. At first, Emma found Picket rude and immature, a stark contrast to the kind and level-headed Heather. Emma did not shy away from Picket's standoffishness, however; rather, she rose to confront, ridicule, and even poke fun at him on many occasions. As Picket grew and matured, however, Emma's relationship with him grew less strained and more natural. By the time of the War for All Natalia, they were close friends and confidants to one another, Emma trusting Picket as one of her most loyal allies and defenders.


Emma was extremely close to Rake, her adoptive father, from her young age into adolescence. She respected him as a father and guide and loved him dearly. The feeling was mutual, for during the Terralains' attack on Cloud Mountain, Rake threw himself in front of Emma, taking an arrow meant for her.

Maggie Weaver

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Jo Shanks

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Victor, Cole, and Heyna Blackstar

Victor Blackstar and his children are distant relatives of Emma's through their ancestor Lucianne Blackstar, the sister of Emma's ancestor Lander. Victor is one of Emma's most faithful counselors as she leads the Cause, giving her advice while also accepting her commands. Emma thus accorded him, Cole, and Heyna a special affection and insisted on them using her given name, at least in private. Victor also acted as Emma's field commander during the Battle for First Warren, acting in the stead of the fallen Lord Hewson and the occupied Helmer.

Cole and Heyna are close in age to Emma, and are connected to her by bonds of both duty and friendship. Heyna was chosen to serve as Emma's personal protector after arriving at Halfwind Citadel, becoming her lady-in-waiting after she became leader of the Cause. Cole became a member of Emma's honor guard on the journey from Cloud Mountain to First Warren, a duty he shared with both Heyna and Jo Shanks. Though their relationship was somewhat rigid at first, Emma became closer to the twins after learning about the fate of their mother, Lady Blackstar.

Morgan Booker

Emma met Morgan after arriving at Vandalia Citadel, and soon struck up a friendship with the handsome buck. Morgan's elite force protected Emma during the Battle for First Warren, and he later served on her council during preparations for and action during the Siege of First Warren. Having grown fond of Emma, Morgan attempted to persuade her to leave before that final battle, but was unable to argue further when Emma questioned whether he would leave were he in her place. After the War for All Natalia ended, Heather noted that she believed Morgan to be "pining for [Emma]", who made no comment.


  • The name "Emma" is of German origin and means "whole" or "universal."[1]



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