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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

I have only one desire in these painful days, to see my work matter for the mending. I know I help invent things that destroy, but they are aimed at the darkness. And I hope that, when they have blown a hole in that darkness, the light pours in.
— Emerson, to Picket, Ember Rising, p. 47

Emerson is a young engineer from Harbone Citadel and the inventor of the Bowstrikers.


Early life

Emerson's father, Emery Dann, was killed during one of Harbone's many attempts to get Rabbits into First Warren. His mother was later killed by the Wild Wolf Pack while helping to retrieve needed medical supplies. The latter tragedy occurred shortly before Picket Longtreader and Lord Captain Helmer arrived at Harbone to make their own attempt to enter the city.

Ember Rising

While Picket and Helmer were at Harbone Citadel, Picket toured the place and thus met Emerson, who showed him his inventive works, including one of the Bowstrikers he was working on.

Later, as Picket and Helmer made their short flight into the hostile city of First Warren via Heyward's staff-gliders, Emerson was with Lord Hewson's bucks in the fringes of the Great Wood not far away, from which point they distracted the First Warren's bird-watch, so as to cover Picket and Helmer's entrance.

Personality and traits

Though somewhat shy and reserved, Emerson is of a brilliant mind. He appears to connect well with other young bucks, such as Picket Longtreader.


  • The name "Emerson" is of English origin and means "son of Emery."[1]


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