Mr. Elric was an elderly neighbor of Picket and Heather Longtreader's family in their home in Nick Hollow.


The Green Ember

Heather and Picket are sent by their father and mother to pick blackberries in Gladeberry in West Wood to keep them from hearing their conversation with Lady Glen.

Along the way, Heather considers turning one direction to go to Elric's farm so as to check on him. She decides against it, and continues along the path to Gladeberry. Suddenly, Picket and Heather both hear a series of screams coming from the direction of his farm, and almost without thinking, they ran towards their own home to get help.

When they had made it to the edge of West Wood, they saw their elm-tree home burning, with wolves surrounding it and their family nowhere to be seen.


  • The name "Elric" is of Old English origin.[1]
  • Mr. Elric is the only other known inhabitant of Nick Hollow besides the Longtreader family.


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