Eefaw Potter is a potter of Cloud Mountain.


The Green Ember / The Last Archer

Eefaw is first seen in Great Hall working in his pottery booth. He humorously splashes his three apprentices with wet clay while working on a project and speaking to Heather, Picket, and Emma. Eefaw notes that pottery was the trade he settled on after trying a number of others, his father not having lived to pass on his craft to Eefaw. He encourages the pair in pursuing their various choices.

Later, while carrying some pottery into the Savory Den, Eefaw blunders without a care in the world, nearly making the cups stacked in the tray in his hands to tip. Gort, running to assist him with his cups, slips on some spilled soup and crashes into Eefaw, resulting in the demolition of all of the cups except two, which Gort managed to save. Eefaw attempted to congratulate him for this, only to startle Gort into dropping and breaking the saved mugs. Eefaw then retreats, promising not to charge Gort for the broken mugs, and heads back to his pottery shop. Heather later passes his shop following the Battle for Cloud Mountain.

Potter's War

Note: Because Potter's War has yet to be publicly released, Eefaw Potter's role in the story shall not be disclosed on this wiki. Should S. D. Smith ever choose to publish Potter's War, a complete summary shall be added. Thank you.

Ember Falls

Eefaw Potter is seen from a distance by Heather, who visits Cloud Mountain for the purpose of telling Emma of her royal heritage and the death of Smalls. As before, his wet clay pottery fly out of control, spinning onto some young rabbits who were unfortunate to be nearby.

Ember's End

Captain Moonlight mentions an altercation between Eefaw and Gort to Picket, in which Eefaw apparently destroyed more of Gort's mugs after arriving in First Warren. Moonlight is surprised by Gort's furious reaction, but suspects-as Picket confirms-that there is history between the two. Picket later brings up Eefaw to Emma, and the two reminisce over his misadventures.

Physical appearance

Eefaw is described as old, fat-faced, and bearded. His fur is dark brown, with his muzzle and the insides of his ears being lighter in color.[1] He is clothed in a tunic and trousers, over which he wears a simple vest.

Personality and traits

Eefaw Potter is a busy, cheerful worker and a friendly rabbit who is often preoccupied with something pertaining to the making of pottery. More often than not, in his busy state, he is less than careful with his pottery, causing many a rabbit to be made distraught over where his clay, whether wet or dry, flies. Eefaw himself is totally oblivious to this, and even berates his pupils for their filthy condition without realizing that he himself is the cause.


  • S. D. Smith has listed Eefaw as being one of his most amusing characters.[2]
  • The surname "Potter" is of English origin and refers to the occupation of making pottery.[3]



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